What are BACtrack’s Portable Breathalysers?

Did you know that the device was called a “drunkometer” or “drunk-o-meter” before the breathalyser? The size was as big as a suitcase, luckily today breathalysers are more compact and portable as technology becomes more advanced.

In this article, we will talk about how portable BACtrack’s breathalysers are. We will start from the less portable to the most portable breathalysers.

BACtrack S80

The S80 is the less portable among BACtrack’s breathalyser range. But without a doubt, this is the best breathalyser. The size will mostly fit your hand. 

The dimensions are: L = 2.00”x W = 0.75”x H = 4.75” (5.08cm x1.91cm x12.06cm) 

Weight (including battery): 136g 


BACtrack Trace

The Trace is next and is more portable than the S80. The size is a little bit smaller and weighs less than S80 by 51 grams. The more portable, the less weight it has. 

The dimensions are: L = 1.87” xW = 0.63” xH = 4.25” (4.75cm x1.60cm x10.80cm) 

Weight (including battery): 85g 

BACtrack Mobile

Next is BACtrack Mobile. It has the same width as Trace but shorter in height and lighter by 28 grams. 

The dimensions are: L = 1.75” xW = 0.63” xH = 2.75” (4.44cm x1.60cm x7cm) 

Weight (including battery): 57g 

BACtrack C8

The C8 is more portable than Mobile. It is shorter in height but wider and longer. Both C8 and Mobile breathalysers have the same weight. The C8 is the longest in terms of length, which is 2.5 inches, still shorter than S80. 

The dimensions are: L = 2. 50”x W = 0.66” xH = 2.20” (6.35cm x1.67cm x5.59cm) 

Weight (including battery): 57g 

BACtrack C6

The second most portable breathalyser is the C6. Smaller in length and height than C8 but same width and weight. It comes with a keychain making it more portable as you can attach it to your belongings. 

The dimensions are: L = 2. 21”x W = 0.66” xH = 1.88” (5.61cm x1.67cm x4.77cm) 

Weight (including battery): 57g 

BACtrack GO

Finally, the most portable breathalyser is the BACtrack GO. It is a little bit longer than the C6 but smaller in width and height. The weight is the same (Mobile, C8, C6 and GO have the same weight). It also comes with a keychain. 

The dimensions are: L = 2. 40″x W = 0.55”x H = 1.45” (6.10cm x1.40cm x3.68cm) 

Weight (including battery): 57g 

Breathalysers Australia and Breathalysers NZ provide an entire range of BACtrack portable breathalysers that you can carry anytime, from the size of your hand to a keychain device, compact and lightweight. Ready to test your BAC anytime and anywhere. In the next article, we will discuss the best breathalysers that BACtrack can offer.

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