Know What Alcohol Breath Testers Are for You

Driving even with minimal alcohol content in your system is never recommended. Unfortunately, some people think they can still drive without checking their blood alcohol content (BAC). Impaired driving often ends up in trouble with law enforcement and could have them check your BAC through alcohol breath testers. Whether you consume alcohol regularly or occasionally, alcohol breath testers today are essential. Alcohol breath testers or breathalysers are handheld devices that can measure your blood alcohol level through your breath. Monitoring your BAC through a breathalyser is crucial, especially if you drive or work. Additionally, it helps to know if you are within the legal limit of 0.05%. BACtrack breathalysers are easily accessible personal devices that can help you check and track your BAC after alcohol consumption.

If you consider checking for alcohol breath testers in your area, it helps to know the different kinds of devices available. Breathalysers Australia has the most comprehensive selection of pro-grade alcohol testers ideal for personal use. BACtrack has a wide range of keychains, smartphones, and professional breathalysers to fit your needs and budget. Firstly, the BACtrack keychains are the smallest alcohol testers with fully functioning breathalyser capacities. Their mouthpiece folds away conveniently so you can assure that no foreign substances will affect your BAC results. They are ideal for personal use with reliable BAC readings. Secondly, the BACtrack smartphone breathalysers are alcohol testers with Bluetooth capability. They pair seamlessly to a smartphone, and you can view and track your results directly from your phone via the BACtrack app.

BACtrack Alcohol Breath Testers: Accuracy and Reliability

The professional alcohol breath testers of BACtrack are ideal for high-volume applications. It utilises the most advanced fuel cell sensor technology to measure the BAC accurately. Police breathalysers also use fuel cell sensors to help them measure BAC accurately. Therefore, if you want to depend on the most precise BAC readings, the BACtrack Pro Series is suitable for you. In particular, the BACtrack S80 Pro and Mobile Pro are top-rated by customers and authorities to deliver the most consistent and precise BAC results.

You can check the BACtrack products available at Breathalysers Australia for reliable breath testing devices. Additionally, each BACtrack breathalyser device meets the Australian Standards for safety compliance. It is also the first breathalyser to have FDA approval to be a personal alcohol breath tester to the public. Checking your BAC after consuming alcohol is essential in making better driving decisions. Driving over the limit BAC poses hazardous road risks and is criminally punishable. You can now drive with peace of mind knowing that you can keep your alcohol intake in moderation through alcohol breath testers.

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