Can You Buy a Police Breathalyzer?

Several countries have widely implemented drastic changes to alcohol and DUI policies over the years; increased alcohol-induced roadside accidents mainly cause this. Policies like having the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for driving be reduced; now needing to be under 0.05%, have been added to help improve road safety. The penalties for not adequately meeting driving laws have become more severe. Even first-time offenders are now given hefty fines and can get their license confiscated for up to 3 months. Ignition interlocks installed into vehicles of repeat or moderate offenders; which can prevent the car from starting when alcohol is present in the driver’s system. With the harder-to-follow alcohol laws nowadays, people have opted to buy devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer, which is practically as reliable as a police breathalyzer.  

With more severe penalties being given to drivers, it may seem best to find ways of not being referred to as a repeat offender. Repeat offenders may now also get their cars impounded or licenses permanently revoked. Having a reliable machine like a BACtrack breathalyzer can help you monitor your real-time BAC. It helps inform you whether you can legally drive or not. Knowing when to take a taxi or get a ride home with a friend is now invaluable information; considering what DUI charges and offences are worth nowadays. You no longer need to wait for a police officer to tell you what your BAC is and give you a fine along with it. BACtrack machines perform as adequately and consistently as a police breathalyzer.  

BACtrack Police Breathalyzer

The BACtrack breathalyzer can reliably and accurately measure your BAC within seconds, as quick as a police breathalyzer. It comes with options that allow you to connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The BACtrack breathalyzer also comes with technology that could help inform you when and how long your BAC would return to zero. It might be beneficial for those who are still on their probationary period of the license (first one to two years) and require a BAC result of 0.00% to drive. The BACtrack devices are also easy to use, and almost one, even with little experience, can optimally operate it.  

Given how strict and severe DUI charges are nowadays, it may seem beneficial for people who usually have occasional drinks to monitor their BAC. A personal device as reliable as a police breathalyzer may seem like a valuable investment for many, considering how hefty fines are now and how much safer it could be to drive under the legal BAC limit. 


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