Choose the Best Pocket Alcohol Breath Tester for You

A breathalyzer, also known as a pocket alcohol breath tester, measures an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Law enforcers and medical professionals use this device to help them maintain safer roads and provide appropriate medicine applications, respectively. A breathalyzer can calculate one’s BAC through exhaled breath within seconds after blowing into the device. This method is one of the most common forms of alcohol testing done. They are common mainly because the procedure is quick. 

Additionally, their portability allows police officers to perform tests on suspected drivers on the go. The legal alcohol driving limit in Australia is 0.05%. Having a result equal to or greater than 0.05% is punishable by law. People nowadays have opted to start using their BACtrack pocket alcohol breath tester before getting behind the wheel to avoid unwanted problems with officials. 

The use of personal breathalyzers has now gotten more prevalent. The prevalence is mainly due to the possible penalties one could acquire when charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Using reliable devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer as a personal pocket alcohol breath tester could help prevent such harsh penalties. Drivers could easily avoid penalties like hefty fines, confiscated licenses, impounded vehicles, and ignition interlocks by using devices like the BACtrack personal breathalyzer that has police-grade accuracy. 

Pocket Alcohol Breath Tester: Choosing your Device

BACtrack has made some of the worlds best and most trusted breathalyzers. Their accuracy as a personal pocket alcohol breath tester is almost second to none. BACtrack personal breathalyzers have reliable accuracy mainly because they use the same technology found in a police officer’s breathalyzer. Along with absolute precision, BACtrack devices also come with several innovative features. BACtrack breath testers like the BACtrack C6 and C8 series come with Bluetooth compatibility. The C series can connect to your IOS, Android and Google phones to provide more information. The BACtrack app can conveniently show information like BAC tracking and how long your BAC would return to 0.00%. These devices are also small enough to be attachable to your keys, making them a convenient keychain. 

Other devices like the BACtrack S80 Pro and the Trace Pro are the pricier options. However, they are also the best sellers. They don’t have that many features like the keychain breathalyzers. The lack of extra features makes them easier to use, especially for people who’d prefer simple tests with just a push of a button. Despite being simple devices, valuable features like an audible alarm for users that surpass the alcohol limit are still present in the Pro series. Nowadays, people looking for a BACtrack pocket alcohol breath tester can easily find them in large retailers online. These devices make DUI prevention easier to handle. 


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