A Review on the BACtrack C8 Personal Breathalyser

The BACtrack C8 personal breathalyser is among the highest-rated handheld portable breathalysers available online. How do these breath analysers work? When you blow into the breathalyser mouthpiece, the sensors measure the alcohol content in your breath. Drivers nowadays use personal breathalysers to help prevent unwanted trouble with the law. You can be stopped and fined for drink driving if your BAC level is 0.05% or higher in Australia. How can you ensure that your self-BAC reading is accurate? We recommend that you wait at least 20 minutes after consuming your last alcoholic drink before conducting a breath test. Ensure that the mouthpiece is free of contaminants. You should also make sure that you provide a firm enough blow into the device. The BACtrack breathalyser would prompt you to stop blowing when your breath sample is sufficient.

The BACtrack C8 personal breathalyser can be an excellent tool if your goal is to operate a vehicle safely. Most BACtrack devices use fuel cell sensors to measure your BAC accurately. These fuel sensors are highly sensitive to only alcohol, making them less likely to provide false-positive results. These are also the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Without a doubt, BACtrack breathalysers are reliable mainly because of the sensor technology they use.

BACtrack C8 Personal Breathalyser: Other Features

Here at BACtrack, we ensure that the products you order will arrive quickly and safely. Breathalysers are easy to use, and you will have no issues figuring out how to use our product. BACtrack devices have one-button operations, which allow you to start your breath tests at a push of a button. The BACtrack C8 personal breathalyser is also Bluetooth compatible, making it easy for them to connect to your smartphone. The added smartphone feature allows for better BAC tracking and alcohol consumption monitoring. These extra features could drastically improve your safety and prevent unwanted trouble with the law. The BACtrack C8 also has ZeroLine technology. This feature estimates when and how long it would take for your BAC to return to 0.00%. ZeroLine technology could be helpful for drivers that are under the zero-tolerance alcohol policy.

The BACtrack C8 personal breathalyser is also easy to carry around. It is incredibly compact and portable. The small size of the BACtrack C8 is perfectly discreet, and you can easily place the device inside your pocket or bag. Moreover, it is as small as your smartphone. Furthermore, despite its size, the BACtrack C8 can still provide quick and accurate results. It takes BACtrack devices only 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results.

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