What is a Blood Alcohol Calculator in Australia

Safe driving requires mind and body coordination and alertness to assess situations on the road. It would be best if you had quick reflexes to avoid sudden dangers that may come up while driving. In contrast, alcohol consumption impairs the senses, perception, and motor functions necessary for safe driving. Despite this, many people continue to drive under the influence of alcohol. Impaired driving is one of Australia’s leading causes of road accidents and incidents. Also, drunk driving is a criminal offence. You can face legal consequences if you measure a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.05% or higher. Therefore, more people use a blood alcohol calculator in Australia to avoid drunk driving charges.  

Your impairment or intoxication level directly depends on the alcohol amount you consumed. The BAC level is the percentage of alcohol in your system. Therefore, the more you drink alcohol, the higher your BAC level is. Understanding how alcohol affects your body is a great way to control your BAC and alcohol consumption. Thus, you can use a blood alcohol calculator to help you monitor your alcohol level in Australia. Also, if you are looking for a blood alcohol calculator in Australia, the BACtrack personal breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia is the best option. A breathalyser device efficiently examines alcohol in the sample breath through sensors to estimate the BAC level. Additionally, BACtrack breathalysers use advanced fuel cell sensors to determine your intoxication quickly.

Blood Alcohol Calculator in Australia: What is BAC?  

Alcohol intoxication, sometimes known as drunkenness, is measured by Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). It is usually represented as a ratio of alcohol to blood volume. When someone consumes alcohol, it enters their bloodstream and travels to their organs. In healthy persons, blood circulates through the body in 90 seconds, which means they can experience the effects of alcohol 15 to 45 minutes after their first drink. Blood alcohol calculators in Australia show the measurement as BAC%, and the legal limit is 0.05%. If your test is equal to or above that limit, you can face legal consequences once apprehended.  

In addition, the liver can process one standard drink in an hour. Age, weight, gender, personal metabolism, and the amount of food consumed all influence how quickly the body absorbs alcohol. The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of a person drops by 0.015 per hour, or.015 g/100mL/hour on average. Time, sleep, food, or other means will not be able to speed up this procedure. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get alcohol out of your system once it is in your body. Blood alcohol calculators in Australia can help you monitor your BAC until you are sober. Detecting alcohol in a person’s system depends on the method used to test it:  

  • Blood: Up to 6 hours  
  • Breath: 12-24 hours  
  • Saliva: 12-24 hours  
  • Urine: 12-24 hours  
  • Hair: 90 Days 


Blood Alcohol Calculator in Australia: BAC Levels and their Effects  

The degree of impairment induced by alcohol consumption varies depending on the BAC. At levels between 0.001-0.029%, impairments range from mild effects that you can only identify with sophisticated tests to issues with focus, reflexes, motor control, and more, with a substantial risk of death at 0.50% or more. The blood alcohol calculators in Australia provide accurate BAC levels using BACtrack breathalysers. These levels have different effects on the body. Here is a quick guide to the effects:  

  • 0.001-0.029 BAC% – mild effects that you can only identify with sophisticated tests  
  • 0.030-0.059 BAC% – concentration impairment  
  • 0.060-0.099 BAC% – impairment in reasoning, depth perception, peripheral vision, and glare recovery  
  • 0.100-0.199 BAC% – low reflexes, reaction time, gross motor control, shows staggering, slurred speech and can have temporary erectile dysfunction  
  • 0.200-0.299 BAC% – causes severe motor impairment, loss of consciousness and memory blackout  
  • 0.300-0.399 BAC% – a person can have bladder dysfunction, breathing dysequilibrium and faster heart rate  
  • 0.400-0.500 BAC% – has breathing impairment, faster heart rate and have positional alcohol nystagmus  
  • BAC% over 0.500 – highly dangerous and possibly fatal  

Why use a Blood Alcohol Calculator in Australia?  

Alcohol effects work differently among individuals. For example, you may feel fine and in control after consuming one standard drink while others feel intoxicated. Therefore, determining the BAC based on the number of standard drinks can be inaccurate. Using a blood alcohol calculator in Australia before driving helps reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident. Additionally, using BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia can promote healthier practices. Breathalysers like BACtrack can help with BAC tracking and consumption monitoring, which can help increase awareness.  


Breathalysers from Breathalyser Australia 

Anyone can purchase the BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia. A breathalyser efficiently examines alcohol in the sample breath through sensors to estimate the BAC level. Also, this device is the best blood alcohol calculator in Australia. The BACtrack breathalyser uses an advanced fuel cell sensor to determine your intoxication quickly. Not only that, the quality that only BACtrack can provide is trustworthy, accurate, and economical. To put it another way, any product purchased from Breathalysers Australia will not disappoint. Breathalysers Australia carries the most effective breath testers, ideal for personal or workplace use. There are plenty of innovative devices available. For example, the BACtrack Smartphone breathalyser can connect wirelessly to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The BACtrack app can store your results and track them over time. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the ZeroLine technology of BACtrack smartphone devices to estimate when your sobriety will return.

BACtrack’s current product line includes the dependable S80 Pro and the compact Go Keychain. Mouthpieces are interchangeable and reusable on all units. If sterilised, you can safely share them with multiple persons. You can also purchase them individually. Breathalysers Australia is working hard to bring these items to Australia. Additionally, a tiny solenoid air pump is included in the Pro Series breathalysers to ensure that the test only contains air from the deep lungs. This is where you will find the best alcohol test samples. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia has personal, smartphone and workplace breathalysers, all considered the best blood alcohol calculators in Australia. 


Finding an innovative and effective blood alcohol calculator in Australia is now easy. Breathalysers Australia offers some products that use a smartphone app to control them. It has advantages, including reducing the size of the breathalyser. Also, it can track your alcohol consumption and predict when you will be sober. It only takes BACtrack devices 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. Breathalysers Australia offers a wide range of personal, smartphone, and workplace breathalysers to purchase and use. Personal and smartphone breathalysers are perfect for personal monitoring. At the same time, workplace breathalysers are best for workplace monitoring and pre-employment screening. Knowing when and how long your BAC would go down could help improve road safety and prevent unwanted trouble with the law. It can also benefit employers and employees for a safe workplace environment.