Why Breath Testing is Important

In an attempt to make roads safer, alcohol breath testing and drink driving charges are now more serious. Drink driving is an element in about one in every seven roadside accidents across Australia. Law enforcers started implementing roadside breath testing in 1982. Since the implementation of the policy, damage from fatal roadside accidents involving alcohol has dropped by about 40% of all fatalities. Law enforcement officers perform approximately 5 million alcohol tests in New South Wales alone each year. Every law enforcement vehicle carries a handheld breath tester. In Australia, law enforcement officers have the right to:

  • Randomly stop vehicle drivers to conduct an alcohol breath test
  • Detain motorists whose BAC is over the legal limit
  • Demand that the individual take a sobriety test if certain circumstances arise
  • Conduct alcohol breath testing for any driver or supervising motorist involved in a roadside accident.

Law enforcement random breath testing aims to change an individuals’ alcohol consumption before driving. The threat of roadside alcohol testing helps people think twice before consuming too much. Drivers nowadays are also performing self-tests. If you need quick and easy access to breath testing, you should consider buying a BACtrack personal breathalyser. With a BACtrack breathalyser, you can take a breath test before deciding if you can drive. With a personal device, you can constantly and quickly check your BAC. BACtrack machines only take 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. These breathalysers can help you know when to slow down or stop consuming alcohol. You can also take advantage of BACtrack’s ZeroLine technology found in a smartphone breathalyser. This technology can estimate when and how long it will take for your BAC to return to 0.00%.

Breath Testing with BACtrack breathalysers

You no longer have to guess if you’re okay to drive or not. A BACtrack device can provide you with your exact BAC reading. BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensors to acquire accurate BAC readings. These are also the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalysers. Fuel cell sensors are sensitive to alcohol and are less likely to provide false-positive results. Breath testing using BACtrack breathalysers is an affordable and worthwhile investment. You can save a lot of time and money if you check your BAC before driving. Drink driving is a severe violation. If you drive over Australia’s 0.05% BAC driving limit, you can face serious charges. Furthermore, knowing your exact BAC could help prevent unwanted trouble with the law.

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