How Buying a Breathalyzer Could Keep You Safe?

You may have spotted law enforcement on the side of the road that are testing suspected drivers for alcohol consumption. You may have also heard of a workplace conducting sobriety tests to ensure that all workers are fit. Law enforcers perform alcohol tests to know if the person has consumed alcohol and whether they are safe driving or working. Police officers use a professional-grade breathalyzer to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person through a breath sample. Why is buying a breathalyzer important? Breathalyzers help people stay off the road with the readings they can provide. BACtrack personal and workplace breathalyzers are widely used and trusted by individuals and companies for fast and reliable results.

Today, it is common for individuals to carry their breathalyzers. Buying a breathalyzer for personal use can save you from a lot of potential trouble. Australia has a legal driving limit of 0.05% BAC. The BAC level can determine if an individual can safely operate machinery or vehicles. When you have a high BAC, you could pose risks to yourself and others. Impaired driving is the top reason for car crashes or accidents in Australia every year. If you drive with a BAC higher than 0.05% or 0.05g alcohol per 100 ml of blood, you are subject to fines and penalties.

Buying a Breathalyzer: A Brand to Consider

Alcohol impairs the judgment and senses of a person. It slows down reflexes and reaction time, which is necessary for driving. Buying a breathalyzer and using it is a non-invasive and quick way of measuring your BAC through your breath. BACtrack has a series of police-grade breathalyzers with the highest accuracy level. Getting your BAC reading through a BACtrack breathalyzer means getting an accurate result similar to that of a police officer. We recommend you wait for 20 minutes after alcohol consumption before taking your BAC reading. Additionally, taking it at regular intervals could help you stay within the alcohol limit.

Buying a breathalyzer may take a few portions out of your pocket, but they are a reliable and worthwhile investment. Using it keeps can keep you safe from potential DUI charges and accidents. You may select from a series of BACtrack personal pro-grade breathalyzers to help you stay on the safe side of the road. If you have high BAC, BACtrack Smartphone breathalyzers like the BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack C6, and BACtrack C8 can help you determine when your BAC level will return to 0.00% level and even connect you to Uber for a ride.

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