The 2022 Ultimate Guide to Buying a Breathalyzer

You may have spotted law enforcement on the side of the road that are testing suspected drivers for alcohol consumption. You may have also heard of a workplace conducting sobriety tests to ensure that all workers are fit for work. Law enforcers perform alcohol breath tests to know if a person has consumed alcohol while driving. On the other hand, employers check their employees if they are working while under the influence of alcohol. These tests are there to ensure whether they are safe driving or working. Police officers use a professional-grade breathalyzer to measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in a person through a breath sample. Likewise, companies or businesses use a similar device for employee breath alcohol screening. Hence, buying a breathalyzer is essential for both road and workplace safety.

Breathalyzers help people stay off the road or prevent operating machinery while intoxicated with the readings they can provide. Conveniently, Breathalysers Australia offers high-quality BACtrack personal and workplace breathalyzers that are widely used and trusted by individuals and companies worldwide. Guarantee accurate, fast and reliable results by buying a breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia.


What is a Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer, or alcohol breath tester, is an electronic device that determines the amount of alcohol in an individual’s system. It is a measuring tool that estimates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through breath samples; when a person blows into the device’s mouthpiece, the breathalyzer analyses the ethanol contained in the breath sample. Then, it calculates it into a resulting BAC in percentage. Furthermore, BAC is calculated in grams per 100 millilitres of blood. Hence, having a BAC result of 0.05% means that there are 0.05 grams of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood. Alternatively, your blood has 0.05% alcohol in terms of volume. There are two main types of breathalyzer available in the market, semi-conductor and fuel cell breathalyzers. They differ in terms of the sensors they use and their accuracy. This means that buying a breathalyzer may involve adequate research on the subject matter.

Breathalyzer Sensors

When considering buying a breathalyzer, one must know what type of sensor the device employs. Firstly, semi-conductor breathalyzers are generally considered the more economical variant. These alcohol breath testers are usually more compact and portable. Moreover, they work by generating an electric current using the ethyl alcohol in the breath sample as it passes through a mixture of acetic acid and water. However, this type of sensor may not be the most accurate as acetic acid can react with other substances contained in a breath sample. Thus, people that have diabetes or are on a low carbohydrate diet may get false-positive BAC results when using a semi-conductor breathalyzer. Hence, a semi-conductor breathalyzer is ideal for quick and occasional alcohol breath testing for personal use.

The second and more accurate type of alcohol breath tester is the fuel cell breathalyzer. These breathalyzers use two platinum electrodes which oxidize the ethyl alcohol in the breath sample. Oxidizing the ethyl alcohol converts it into acetic acid, protons, and electrons. Then, it measures the current using the electrons. Afterwhich the device converts it into a BAC result. These devices are very accurate because they can only detect ethyl alcohol. Thus, false-positive results using fuel cell breathalyzers are near impossible. Furthermore, these devices are police-grade. Hence, buying a breathalyzer with fuel cell sensors means that you are acquiring a device with the same level of accuracy as that of a police officer’s breathalyzer.


Why is Buying a Breathalyzer Worth It?

Alcoholic drinks are one of Australia’s most widely consumed beverages. It is a common drink served during parties or events, and any cultures drink alcohol during festivities. Moreover, some people drink alcohol after work to wind down and relax after a hard day’s work. It is because drinking alcohol induces a euphoric effect that inhibits the senses, causing a more relaxed state. However, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be dangerous. It causes impairing effects on the senses, reasoning, and motor functions, all of which are vital for responsible driving and working. That is why alcohol consumption is heavily regulated, and buying a breathalyzer is well worth it.

When a person consumes alcoholic drinks, the body absorbs its ethyl alcohol content through the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines. Then, it goes into the bloodstream and evaporates into the lungs as it passes through them. From here, a breathalyzer can now detect the BAC level of an individual in a breath test. Hence, buying a breathalyzer is the most practical method for determining one’s alcohol intoxication. In addition, certain BAC ranges can determine the following effects of alcohol intoxication:

  • 0.01 – 0.039% BAC – slight euphoria, relaxation and lower inhibition
  • 0.04 – 0.059% BAC – minor impairment of judgment and memory (lowering caution)
  • 0.06 – 0.099% BAC – slight impairment in vision, speech, balance, hearing and reaction time
  • 0.100% BAC and above – significant impairment in motor coordination, loss of memory and nausea

Buying a Breathalyzer for Road Safety

Buying a breathalyzer for personal use can save individuals from a lot of potential hazards. It can save lives by preventing would-be drink drivers. Moreover, Australia has a legal driving limit of 0.05% BAC. The BAC level can determine if an individual can safely drive vehicles on the road. Additionally, a person with a high BAC level poses high risks to themselves and others, especially when driving. Impaired driving is the top reason for car crashes or accidents in Australia every year. Hence, if you drive with a BAC of or higher than 0.05% (or 0.05g of alcohol per 100 ml of blood), you are subject to drink driving penalties. These penalties include hefty fines, license suspension, vehicle confiscation, driving disqualification and even prison terms. In some cases, the court may subject you to an alcohol interlock program.

Due to the strict implementation of drink driving laws in Australia, it is common for individuals nowadays to carry their breathalyzers with them at all times. Thus, buying a breathalyzer for personal use is no longer unheard of. By being able to check one’s BAC relatively anywhere before attempting to go behind the wheel, people can ensure they are not exceeding the legal BAC limit. Therefore, it ensures their safety and that of others on the road while also preventing possible criminal offences or charges. Luckily, there is a wide selection of highly portable yet accurate personal breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia.


Drink Driving Laws in Australia

One of the most prevalent causes of driving accidents and collisions is drink driving. Hence, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol is a serious criminal offence in Australia. Moreover, this law does not only cover individuals driving with a BAC of 0.05% or above. Alcohol intoxication starts at the first drink and increases with each intake. Even having a low BAC can significantly risk road safety. Therefore, buying a breathalyzer to check for any traces of alcohol in the system can be a lifesaver. Individuals can ensure they are 100% safe to drive after a quick alcohol breath test with a breathalyzer. Furthermore, each state in Australia has their own set of laws or rules for alcohol limit BAC ranges. However, the general alcohol limits in Australia are as follows:

  • 0.00% BAC limit – this BAC limit applies to people with a learner, provisional 1 and 2 permits. They must have a BAC of 0.00% when driving. In addition, visitor drivers holding an overseas license must also adhere to a 0.00% BAC limit.
  • Under 0.02% BAC limit – this BAC limit applies to drivers of gross vehicle mass (GVM), drivers that carry dangerous goods and public utility vehicles. These drivers must keep their BAC below 0.02% at all times.
  • Under 0.05% BAC limit – this BAC limit applies to all other license types. It is the general BAC limit in Australia that all must adhere to.

Buying a Breathalyzer for Workplace Safety

Workplace health and safety are also primary reasons for buying a breathalyzer. The presence of alcoholism in the workplace can cost companies and businesses further expenses due to accidents, repairs and compensations. In addition, it causes low productivity, increased absenteeism and higher turnover rates among employees. More importantly, it may cause serious health issues or the loss of life due to the misuse of heavy equipment or machinery. It is why safety-critical industries like mining, construction, manufacturing, and transportation impose a zero-alcohol tolerance policy. Hence, no employee should have any amount of alcohol in their system while working. Consequently, employees conduct workplace alcohol testing using a workplace breathalyzer in order to prevent such issues from happening.

Buying a breathalyzer for workplace alcohol testing is now a norm for most companies or businesses in Australia. It is due to the fact that workplace breath alcohol testing using workplace breathalyzers is easy and efficient. A workplace breathalyzer uses fuel cell sensors to ensure the highest accuracy level. Moreover, they are fit for high-volume workplace alcohol testing. These devices maintain accuracy even if being used for constant back-to-back alcohol breath tests. Conveniently, Breathalysers Australia offers a variety of workplace breathalyzers specialized for effective and reliable workplace alcohol testing. On the other hand, employees may avail of personal breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia to ensure their sobriety before going to work.


Workplace Alcohol Testing Using Breathalyzers

Testing for alcohol intoxication in the workplace is imperative for a safe and healthy working environment. That is why employers should invest in reliable equipment. Moreover, stating that the employer will use a highly accurate breathalyzer to test employees for alcohol intoxication can further solidify its compliance. There are many testing methods that companies or businesses can conduct using a workplace breathalyzer. For instance, buying a breathalyzer for workplace use can greatly aid in the following test scenarios:

  • Pre-employment Alcohol Tests  all potential hirees must pass an alcohol breath test before getting hired. This testing can help determine the best job candidate without alcohol use issues.
  • Blanket Alcohol Tests  simultaneously testing employees for alcohol intoxication as part of an event. It is to determine if they are regularly fit for work.
  • For-cause or Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol Tests  testing workers that show noticeable signs of alcohol intoxication. It is to prevent employees from further developing alcoholism in the workplace.
  • Post-accident/ incident Alcohol Tests  conducted after a workplace accident or incident. It is to determine if employee alcohol intoxication was the cause of the accident or incident.
  • Post-treatment or Return to Work Alcohol Tests  testing workers after returning from a leave of absence or after completing a rehabilitation program for an employee who previously tested positive. It is to determine if they are fit to work after their return.
  • Random Alcohol Tests – testing employees in an unannounced and random manner. It is to detect workers hiding their alcohol use in the workplace.


Considerations When Buying a Breathalyzer

Buying a breathalyzer is an investment that ensures personal and professional safety. Therefore, one must consider the following when purchasing a reliable alcohol breath tester:

  • Purpose – will you be using the breathalyzer for personal or workplace use? For personal use, it is better to get a compact and lightweight breathalyzer for portability purposes. For the workplace, it is essential to get a stronger breathalyzer for the reliability of BAC results.
  • Budget – generally, the more expensive the breathalyzer, the more reliable they are in terms of accuracy and longevity. On the other hand, some modern devices have additional features that add to their pricing. It is recommended to purchase the best one you can afford, depending on your intended purpose. However, do take in mind that cheaper is usually not better. It is best to take into consideration all factors other than price.
  • Australian Standard – One of the most important factors is compliance with Australian Standards, especially for workplace breathalyzers. Make sure the device conforms to AS 3547. This standard ensures that the breathalyzer has passed all testing requirements and will work as intended for its lifespan.
  • Recalibration – all breathalyzers eventually will need recalibration. Look for a brand that offers recalibration services to ensure longevity and accurate BAC results.
  • Mouthpieces – some breathalyzers will have removable and replaceable mouthpieces. Having readily available spare mouthpieces are beneficial for the hygienic sharing of the device. Moreover, mouthpieces help eliminate smoke, dust and other impurities that may affect the BAC reading.

BACtrack Breathalyzer Series at Breathalysers Australia

When buying a breathalyzer, whether it is for personal or workplace use, Breathalysers Australia has you covered. Breathalysers Australia has a variety of breathalyzers for any individual or professional needs. You may select from a series of BACtrack personal breathalyzers to help you stay on the safe side of the road. You may choose one of the BACtrack keychain breathalyzers for optimal portability. These devices are highly portable without sacrificing accuracy. Alternatively, the BACtrack personal pro-grade breathalyzers give the most accurate BAC readings among personal devices. On the other hand, Breathalysers Australia also has a selection of highly accurate BACtrack workplace breathalyzers with AS 3547 certification, ideal for alcohol screening in the workplace. These breathalyzers are designed specifically for fast, high-volume back-to-back alcohol breath testing with unparalleled accuracy and a simple one-button operation.

In addition, Breathalysers Australia also offers the innovative BACtrack smartphone breathalyzers. Transform your smartphone device into a breathalyzer using the Bluetooth-enabled BACtrack app. These revolutionary devices have models for both personal and workplace use that can connect to an iOS or Android smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, they can help you determine when your BAC level will return to 0.00% with the patented ZeroLine® technology. This feature also allows users to track and attach notes or photos to their BAC results, making personalization effortless. Lastly, it can even easily connect you to Uber for a safe ride home. Breathalysers Australia makes buying a breathalyzer straightforward and hassle-free.


Buying a Breathalyzer Unit at Breathalysers Australia

BACtrack Personal Breathalyzers

  • The Go Keychain – the smallest, sleekest accurate alcohol breath tester on the market; employs the advanced MicroCheck® semi-conductor sensor.
  • The Scout – the most affordable hand-held breathalyzer; utilizes the patented police-grade Xtend® fuel cell sensor.
  • The Trace Pro – slim and understated design; uses the state-of-the-art Xtend® fuel cell sensor.
  • The Trace Pro Gen2 – biggest selling personal use breathalyzer; employs the Xtend® fuel cell 1A modified sensor.
  • The S80 Pro – premier professional-grade breathalyzer; utilizes the police-grade Xtend® fuel cell sensor.

BACtrack Workplace Breathalyzers

  • The S80 Pro Gen2 – for commercial environments that require accurate, consistent and robust breath testing; employs an enlarged industrial grade Xtend® Electro-chemical Fuel Cell sensor with enhanced linear accuracy.
  • The Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen – ideal for high throughput and high compliance workplace environments; uses a platinum electrochemical sensor.

BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers for Personal Use

  • The C6 Keychain – the smallest fuel cell sensor breathalyzer ever created; the first BACtrack to offer the new “Dual-Mode” operation; employs the proprietary BluFire® fuel cell sensor.
  • The C8 Smartphone – the latest in global breathalyzer technology; also has the “Dual-Mode” operation and the proprietary BluFire® fuel cell sensor.
  • The Mobile Pro – features Bluetooth connectivity, innovative tracking, personalization and Apple Health integration tools; it utilizes the professional-grade Xtend® fuel cell sensor.

BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzers for Workplace Use

  • The Mobile Pro Gen2 – for remote and medium volume testing requirements as well as staff safety; uses the Xtend® fuel cell 1A modified sensor.


Buying a Breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia: How to Operate BACtrack Breathalyzers

Most if not all BACtrack breathalyzers work in the same fundamental way. Therefore, after buying a breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia, you may follow these easy steps for operating your BACtrack breathalyzer:

  1. Attach a sterilized mouthpiece to the device (some may come with a non-removable mouthpiece already attached).
  2. Turn the breathalyzer on (usually with the “on” switch).
  3. Wait for the device to get ready for testing (usually around 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the breathalyzer unit).
  4. Blow an adequate breath sample into the mouthpiece until you hear an audible beep from the device (this tells you to stop). Note that preemptively stopping may cause inaccurate test results.
  5. Wait for your device to calculate the BAC results for up to 10 seconds (shown on an easy-to-read OLED screen on the device or your smartphone screen if using a BACtrack smartphone breathalyzer).
  6. The breathalyzer will usually shut down by itself after a couple of minutes if left unused.
  7. The device will inform you if a test has failed. Failed alcohol breath tests are usually caused by not blowing long enough or hard enough to attain a decent BAC reading. If this happens, try again after a few minutes.
  8. If BAC results show definitive inaccurate BAC readings constantly, your breathalyzer unit may be in need of recalibration. You can send it back to the manufacturer for recalibration. Breathalysers Australia offers scheduled recalibration for all breathalyzers purchased from them.



Alcohol impairs the judgment and senses of a person. It slows down reflexes and reaction time, which is necessary for driving and working safely. Buying a breathalyzer and using it is a non-invasive and quick way of measuring your BAC through your breath. Breathalysers Australia has a series of BACtrack police-grade breathalyzers with the highest accuracy level. Getting your BAC reading through a BACtrack breathalyzer means getting an accurate result similar to that of a police officer’s alcohol breath tester. Moreover, they are quick and easy to operate. With BACtrack breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia, you can get reliable BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds of providing a breath sample with a push of a button.

In conclusion, buying a breathalyzer may take a few portions out of your pocket, but they are a reliable and worthwhile investment. Using them can keep you safe from potential DUI charges and accidents on the road. Furthermore, it keeps workplaces safe and healthy by preventing employees from working while intoxicated by alcohol. Breathalysers Australia has the widest selection of robust alcohol breath testers catering to your specific needs or requirements. You may readily get one or more of the high-quality BACtrack breathalyzers at the Breathalysers Australia website.