What is a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Test?

Workplace drug and alcohol tests are programs designed to monitor the employees’ wellbeing against possible drug and alcohol use. The program aims to detect alcohol or substance use to maintain a safe and productive working environment. Although it is not mandatory to conduct drug and alcohol tests, specific industries should prioritize eliminating work hazards. Some workplaces with high risks, such as mining, construction, and transportation, have a zero-alcohol tolerance policy to ensure safety.

Because of substance-related accidents in the workplace, many companies need to perform drug and alcohol tests to improve safety. Before a workplace can test its employees, there must be clear test policies. The guidelines should be understood and agreed upon by employees upon employment. These tests take several forms. The standard method in checking if drug or alcohol is present in the body is through breath, blood, or urine sample tests. A qualified professional administer blood or urine tests, while anyone can do an alcohol breath test through a workplace breathalyzer. Breathalyzers are portable devices that measure a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through an exhaled breath. BACtrack has a wide range of police-grade breathalyzers ideal for personal and workplace use.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Tests: Alcohol Breath Sampling

A breathalyzer analyzes the sample breath through sensors to determine the BAC level. BACtrack breathalyzers utilize advanced fuel cell sensor technology to deliver accurate and reliable breath tests. Fuel cell sensors are the same kind of sensors that you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. Sobriety in the workplace is essential, especially if the work involves the operation of heavy pieces of equipment. Alcohol impairments at work can also lead to low productivity, problematic behaviour, and strained relationships with colleagues. Therefore, high precision in test equipment is vital in a workplace drug and alcohol test.

Some companies have random drug and alcohol tests to know their employees’ current health status. Random tests show lower accident rates and promote healthy practices. The BACtrack Pro series is reliable workplace testing across the Australian workplace environment. In particular, the BACtrack Mobile Gen2 and S80 Pro Gen2 are ideal workplace breathalyzers delivering optimum performance even after several tests. Furthermore, the Mobile Gen2 is a suitable unit for remote alcohol testing. However, if you consume alcohol regularly, it is best to check your BAC level through a personal breathalyzer. Having a personal breathalyzer like BACtrack devices can help you monitor your alcohol consumption and improve safety.

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