BACtrack Mobile Pro Accuracy Test

A portable breath testing device like a breathalyser is ideal for measuring your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) quickly and accurately. Breathalysers are valuable devices that can help you monitor your BAC and stay within the safe alcohol limit. For example, you could check your BAC level before driving to reduce your chances of road accidents. Innovations such as the BACtrack Mobile Pro’s wireless connection to a smartphone make alcohol breath testing even more accessible and convenient. Additionally, the advanced Xtend fuel cell technology puts the BACtrack Mobile Pro accuracy to the next level.

The BACtrack Mobile breathalyser integrates with a BACtrack smartphone app with professional-grade sensor technology. This feature helps deliver the most accurate BAC tests for personal devices. The app includes innovative tracking and personalisation of your BAC results, as well as integration with Uber and Apple Health. The breathalyser uses a platinum fuel cell sensor, the most accurate sensor for any personal device. According to independent tests, the BACtrack Mobile Pro accuracy is the most accurate breathalyser against other commercial smartphone breathalysers. Moreover, BACtrack delivers consistent readings and is closest to the gold-standard breathalysers law enforcement uses.

BACtrack Mobile Pro Accuracy and Other Features

BACtrack Mobile also has the convenient ZeroLine technology. This feature quickly estimates when your BAC level will return to 0.00%. Drivers under a probationary license (BAC requirements of 0.00%) could benefit from that feature. Additionally, the sleek and compact design of BACtrack breathalysers maximises their portability. The smartphone app can also record the past results that you can view in a graph. This feature allows for more effective BAC tracking. If you reach a high BAC level, the app may connect to Uber and book a ride for you. As a result, the BACtrack Mobile Pro accuracy is rated best by thousands of users and experts as an overall accurate and convenient breath testing device.

The BACtrack Mobile Pro accuracy and reliability is ideal for businesses, schools, hospitals, and even personal use. Furthermore, the breathalyser has a one-button operation system, making it easy to use. It is also equipped with a miniature breath capture pump to ensure reliable and valid results. As you blow into the device, you can feel the pump at the end of every test. The mouthpieces are washable and replaceable and even allow you to test others without compromising your BAC tracking and hygiene. So, if you need highly accurate devices for personal or workplace use, the BACtrack Mobile would make a great choice.

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