Breathalyzer Australia Standards and Guidelines

Many of you are looking for drug and alcohol assessment tests online and have probably come across the Breathalyzer Australia Standards AS3547 certification and are unsure what it entails. These guidelines cover all you need to know about alcohol tests and the Standards Australia AS3547 accreditation. 

Breathalyzer Australia provides professional quality and can be utilized in alcohol screening. Each has its own set of characteristics that make it a better fit for specific applications. When buying a breathalyzer in Australia, you can check for its compliance with Australian Standard AS3547. This Standard certifies that your breathalyzer has been thoroughly tested and will perform as expected for the duration of its useful life. The Standard also distinguished between workplace breathalyzers and personal breathalyzers. Purchasing a breathalyzer that meets the Standard is particularly crucial in a workplace where the results may be required for legal reasons. Each country has its variations of this Standard, so double-check what’s accessible in yours. 

The AS3547 Certification also signifies that SAI Global has conducted comprehensive laboratory and field testing on Breathalyzer Australia devices. In comparison to other breathalyzers on the market that are not approved, laboratory and field tests assure that our breathalyzers are more trustworthy, accurate and thriving during actual use. The SAI Global Certification ensures that the breathalyzers you purchase from us are professional quality. 

What is the purpose of Breathalyzer Australia Standards?

Breathalyzer Australia Standards are issued documents that detail the specifications and processes that must be followed. It is to ensure that products, services and systems are safe, dependable, and consistently function as intended. They are ab established  set of minimal requirements that determine quality and safety standards. 

Benefits of Australian Standards 

Breathalyzer Australia have received AS3457 Certification on a range of models, ensuring that they are of the best quality according to Australian and International Standards. Standards point toward better value for all parties involved and help the economy enhance health and safe living.  

Even if you are purchasing a personal breathalyzer for yourself for personal use, it is best to get one that meets Australian Standards if you can afford it. Breathalyzer Australia ensures that the equipment you are buying is reliable. Keep in mind that your device should be calibrated every six months to 12 months to ensure maximum accuracy.  

Breathalyzer Australia also suggests you recalibrate every 6 months for the workplace to ensure their reliability, primarily since they will be used frequently. The device will also be serviced and will be far more precise in ensuring workplace safety. The overall benefit of owning breathalyzers is evident in terms of workplace dependability and personal usage. Take a look at our BACtrack S80 Pro for one the best breathalyzers in the market today.


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