Breathalyser Buy Guide

A breathalyser buy guide is essential in understanding what breathalysers can offer you before you decide to purchase one. The sensor that the device uses is the most critical aspect because it influences accuracy. Do you have a breathalyser that you use regularly? Do you know if the device will appropriately indicate your blood alcohol level even if it has been a while since you last used it? Personal breathalysers are becoming increasingly widespread since the law enforcement’s increased push to reduce the number of road accidents caused by alcohol. People are becoming more aware of their drinking habits and taking responsibility for them. So, what should you check for while purchasing a breathalyser? 

Breathalyser Buy Guide: Semiconductor or Fuel Cell?

In a breathalyser buy guide, there are two types of sensors: fuel cells and semiconductors. In essence, both options will offer accurate readings, but the level of accuracy will improve as the price increases. Fuel cell-based breathalysers are more precise than semiconductor-based and provide more consistent results over time, but they are also a little more expensive. Generally, classifying the products into two sensors is easier: Professional breathalyzers use fuel cell sensors, whereas personal breathalysers use semiconductor sensors. 

What to look for in the breathalyser buy guide?

Another thing to remember is with the use of a breathalyser buy guide, you’ll know that there is a significant difference between a breathalyser for personal or family usage and one for use in the workplace. As previously said, semiconductor sensors are less expensive and more budget-friendly. And when it comes to workplace breathalysers, the most critical elements to consider are the product’s accuracy, response time, and dependability. A workplace breathalyser is essential in testing because it is utilized across many industries where alcohol and drug use are prohibited and rigorously monitored.  These devices have become workplace efficient due to their capacity to do quick tests either specific or passive testing with the use of high-quality fuel cell sensors. 

Breathalyser Buy Budget Guide

A breathalyser buy guide can help you decide what to purchase depending on your budget and needs. The quickest option is to purchase the cheapest one. However, the more expensive models are, the more dependable they are. They have a longer life span and are considerably more reliable overall. These breathalysers are primarily owing to the technology and design that has been incorporated into them. Cheaper isn’t always better, and some of them are nothing more than toys in some circumstances. 


The act of monitoring and calibrating the sensor within the breathalyser to guarantee it displays an accurate reading is known as breathalyser calibration. The sensor will show inaccurate and inconsistent findings if it is not calibrated over time, eventually breaking it. It is suggested that you calibrate your breathalyser every six to 12 months. All breathalyser machines, whether for personal or workplace, require calibration to assure accuracy. Not unlike as a car needs regular maintenance to ensure optimal operation. These breathalyser buy information guides are what you need to consider before getting one. Breathalyser-Australia offers an assortment of high quality breathalysers such as the BACtrack S80 Pro. Get yours now!


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