What is the Alcohol Burn Off Rate

Some people consume alcohol regularly. After consumption, the most common worry of people is how long will the drink last in their system. The alcohol burn off rate refers to how quickly can your body break down alcohol and metabolise it. The effects of alcohol vary between individuals. You may get intoxicated faster than others with fewer glasses of alcohol. Several factors affect alcohol absorption and metabolism in the body. Understanding how alcohol affects you leads to better decisions after alcohol consumption.

The alcohol burn off rate is measurable by how fast your body can decrease your blood alcohol content (BAC). In general, the alcohol burn off rate is 0.016 BAC per hour for one standard drink. One traditional drink equals one 12oz beer, 1.5oz liquor, or a 5oz glass of wine. On the other hand, the BAC is the number of milligrams (mg) of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Getting your alcohol level or BAC is easy with the aid of a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a device with a mouthpiece to exhale lung air into. The breathalyser oxidises the sample breath and processes it to measure the BAC in percentage. You can get accurate BAC through BACtrack breathalysers, the world’s leading authority in breathalysers technology.

Alcohol Burn Off Rate: Manual and Automatic Calculations

Alcohol affects the body based on size, weight, age, gender, body fat content, metabolism rate, and food intake. Additionally, the drink’s strength and the rate of consumption also determine how long the body will absorb and metabolise alcohol. Monitoring how long will it take for your BAC level to go down depends on your alcohol burn off rate and how much alcohol you have consumed. For example, if your BAC is 0.08% which is over the legal driving limit of Australia (0.05% BAC), your BAC after one hour is 0.064% which is still over the legal limit. You may have to wait for another one hour without consuming more alcohol if you plan to drive.

The BACtrack C8 Breathalyser with ZeroLine technology helps you monitor your BAC level conveniently. The breathalyser can estimate how long it takes for your alcohol level to return to 0.00%. This device takes off the burden of manually calculating the alcohol burn off rate and your BAC. With a BACtrack breathalyser, you can be confident with your BAC results. BACtrack helps you make smarter decisions during and after alcohol consumption. These decisions can drastically affect your safety and help prevent troubles with the law.

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