Breathalyser Sales and Service

BACtrack breathalyser Sales and Service is your one-stop shop for high tech, highly accurate and reliable breathalysers. It is also the world’s leading industry expert in distributing high standard alcohol breath testers in Australia. For years, BACtrack has created highly accurate breathalysers for consumers, companies, business owners, education facilities and medical facilities. Furthermore, our customers trust us to provide the best breathalysers in the market. Moreover, BACtrack breathalysers are convenient, affordable, and reliable breath alcohol testers.

BACtrack has continued to grow and create opportunities to improve the lives of the public. These devices can help provide safe working environments free of alcohol use and lessen road accidents caused by intoxicated driving. The BACtrack breathalyser sales and service department offers highly accurate and reliable alcohol breath testing devices worldwide for workplace use and personal use. BACtrack offers various professional-grade breathalysers that accurately measure your BAC within 10-15 seconds. All a breathalyser needs is a breath sample. Additionally, you can quickly provide a breath sample by firmly blowing it into the device’s mouthpiece. Also, it would be best to note that BACtrack breathalysers have the Australian Standard AS3547 certification.

Breathalyser Sales and Service Australia: Personal & Workplace Breathalysers

BACtrack has been manufacturing and distributing innovative and highly accurate breathalysers for years. BACtrack offers various breathalyser models that utilise fuel-cell sensors and platinum electrochemical sensor technology. Undoubtedly, these breathalysers are highly accurate, extremely portable and designed for ease of use. The BACtrack breathalyser sales and service department are ready to dispatch ready-to-use products from our facility. Each breathalyser unit is issued an accuracy certification, comes prepared for use, and includes free replaceable mouthpieces. BACtrack offers you different options, from personal keychain breathalyser units to professional-grade workplace breathalyser units.

BACtrack products are available for shipping anywhere in Australia, with all our products in stock and ready for shipping. Furthermore, all breathalyser sales and service orders include tracking information sent to the customer upon payment confirmation. This information allows you to keep track of your parcel. Here at Breathalysers Australia, we ensure that the devices achieve the highest accuracy possible for personal breathalysers. BACtrack breathalysers are required to be sent back at a set timeframe for recalibration because all breathalyser sensor accuracies naturally drift over time. Alcohol components may accumulate on the breathalyser sensor. The accumulation can eventually affect the breathalyser’s ability to give out an accurate BAC result. We track our BACtrack breathalysers and send out email notifications reminding you when the device is due for recalibration. You may need recalibration within 6 to 12 months, depending on usage.

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