Breathalyser Sales and Service

Breathalyser Sales and Service is your one stop shop for quality breathlyers and is the industry expert in distributing top-grade quality alcohol breath testing devices built in Australia. The BACtrack company was founded in 2012 and has continued to grow and created opportunities for improved safety environments. 

The BACtrack breathalyser sales and service department provides devices for government, private and personal uses in Australia and around the world. BACtrack offers a range of professional grade and trustworthy Australian Standard AS3547 certified alcohol breathalyser device necessary for road safety and preserving workplace safety. 

Breathalyser Sales and Service Australia

Personal & Workplace Breathalysers 

For over the years, BACtrack has been manufacturing and distributing breathalysers. We provide a wide selection of fuel-cell sensor and platinum electrochemical sensor technology breathalysers. These are accurate, portable and simple to use. Our breathalyser sales and service department is ready to dispatch from our dispatch centre in New South Wales. A range of our handheld breath alcohol testing devices meet the Australian Standard AS3547 certificate. You can check our extensive selection of personal and workplace breathalysers, as well as the most up-to-date iPhone and Android smartphone breathalysers. 

Australia Shipping Availability 

Each breathalyser can be sent anywhere in Australia, with all the items in stock and ready to ship from our New South Wales dispatch centre.. All breathalyser sales and service orders include tracking information, allowing you to keep track of their progress. 

Breathalyser Quality 

Out BACtrack breathalyser sales and service arm of the business ensure intensive testing to achieve the best accuracy, longevity and dependability of your BACtrack breathalyser. We have won the trust of experts and police departments worldwide after more than nine years in the sector.  

Breathalyser Calibration 

BACtrack calibration for all of our products is also offered by our breathalyser sales and services department. BACtrack devices must be recalibrated because all of their sensor accuracies naturally drift over time. Furthermore, alcohol residue and intake particles accumulate on the breathalyzer sensor. It will eventually affect the unit’s ability to have an accurate reading from the sensor. When you buy BACtrack products from Breathalyser Australia. We will monitor the unit’s serial number and run it through our calibration monitoring program, this program will help us send you an email reminding you when the device is due for recalibration.   

Alcohol Testing

In Australia, employers require employees to present to alcohol testing in the workplace. These agreements should outline all employees’ expectations regarding the use of alcohol that may jeopardize workplace health and safety. Breathalyser sales and services department offers our BACtrack devices that you can easily purchase through our website. With these devices available in the market, it will be easier to have alcohol testing with affordable prices and accurate readings of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level anytime, anywhere. That’s why our BACtrack devices are highly recommended not just in workplaces but also for personal use.  


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