Does Alcohol in Drug Urine Test Show?

Will alcohol in a drug urine test show? Understanding how long alcohol remains in the system is essential. It can help in avoiding risky reactions with oral medication and impairments in physical and mental abilities. Additionally, it can also help improve workplace safety. Extensive research on alcohol metabolism has proved that there are various factors that can affect the alcohol burn-off rate. Alcohol will be detectable in the system from 10 hours and up to 90 days depending on the test conducted, age, weight, sex, and general health of the individual taking the drug or alcohol test. Furthermore, you can detect alcohol in blood samples, breath samples, saliva samples and urine samples.

Effects of Alcohol

When consumed, the body quickly absorbs the alcohol. You will quickly and easily feel the effects of alcohol within minutes after consumption. Alcohol is considered a type of depressant; alcohol consumption causes impairments which alters our perception, motor functions, emotions, and awareness. Consuming alcohol in small amounts will make a person feel more relaxed or less anxious. However, your intoxication level would also rise with more alcohol consumed. Some people become more talkative or friendly and some may become aggressive. For employers looking for prevent alcohol usage in the workplace, it is worth noting that you can detect alcohol in urine drug tests.

Other signs of alcohol intoxication employers should look out for:

  • Lack of restraint
  • Ataxia (uncoordinated movements)
  • Speech impairment (slurred speech)
  • Slower reactions


BACtrack Breathalysers

Breathalysers Australia supplies genuine workplace breathalysers that provide highly accurate and reliable alcohol breath testing devices. Companies and businesses can access alcohol breath testing rather than needing to detect alcohol in drug urine tests. Instead of spending time and funds every time the business requires an alcohol test, they can access quick and easy alcohol breath testing methods using their workplace breathalyser. Furthermore, the workplace professional breathalysers utilise fuel cell sensors that provide police-grade accuracy. The sturdy S80 Pro Gen2 model is the perfect workplace breathalyser for any business. The breath testing device does not produce false positives, has a high accuracy rate, and gives consistent BAC readings. Workplace safety can now easily be maintained.

Why Perform Drug Tests

Why do you need to detect alcohol in drug urine tests? Alcohol is easily available anywhere. Therefore, employers need to check for alcohol consumption regularly. Companies would often test for alcohol and drugs during:

  • Pre-employment drug tests
  • Undergoing an alcohol and drug test in the workplace
  • Workplace accidents
  • ‘For cause’ or a reasonable testing
  • When sanctioned by the court 

Detection: Alcohol in Drug Urine Test

Nowadays, businesses are constantly conducting alcohol and drug tests. Companies would regularly require their employees to prove their sobriety. As an employer it is important to remember that alcohol in drug urine tests can be detectable for up to 2 days after consumption. Are you an employer that looking to perform alcohol and drug tests? Here are some detection times: 

  • Alcohol – 12 hours to 2 days
  • Cocaine – 2 to 3 days
  • Marijuana – 1 to 3 weeks


Alcohol in Drug Urine Tests: How Long Does Alcohol Last?

The liver processes consumed alcohol, but the body discharges about 5% of the alcohol you drink through bodily fluids. That is how we could detect alcohol in drug urine tests. Knowing how long alcohol is seen in the system depends on various factors. This is including the type of drug test used. The following are detection windows for the different testing methods employers can choose from:

  • An alcohol breath tester detects alcohol for up to 24 hours after consumption.
  • Urine testing detects alcohol for 3 to 5 days.
  • A blood test can detect alcohol for up to 12 hours
  • An oral fluid test or swab test can detect alcohol from 24 hours up to 2 days
  • A hair follicle drug test can detect alcohol use for 90 days.

Some oral medications affect the body’s processing ability. Additionally, some can also have an enhancing effect and increase the levels of intoxication. Moreover, medications may also show up as false-positives during drug tests. When looking to detect drugs and alcohol in drug urine tests, make sure you ask your employees if they are taking medication. 

Alcohol in Drug Urine Tests: Alcohol Burn-Off Rates

No matter how quickly the body digests alcohol, it processes alcohol at 0.016% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) per hour. Drinking caffeine or water, bathing, or even inducing vomiting does not help reduce BAC levels. Only passing time can. Alcohol in drug urine tests can detect alcohol even after a day of consumption. Therefore, it is important for employers to check an employee’s current BAC right before they work. Despite not consuming alcohol during or before work, an employee might have consumed an unhealthy amount the day before. Furthermore, these effects of alcohol consumption from the day before might still linger when they clock-in for work in the morning. Safety-critical industries like mining, transportation, and construction need tools like workplace breathalysers to ensure their employees are always fit to work. Moreover, breathalysers are quick and easy to use, allowing employers to constantly provide workplace tests.

Detecting alcohol in drug urine tests or through breath tests can play a vital role of ensuring that the workplace is as safe as possible. Moreover, as an employer, it is important to remember that the alcohol burn-off rate is typically 0.016%. This is equivalent to about 1 standard drink per hour. Furthermore, knowing your employee’s current BAC in the morning might give you a rough idea of how much they’ve consumed the day before. 

BACtrack Workplace Breathalysers

BACtrack breathalysers have one-button operations. This feature helps add to the convenience of alcohol breath testing. Moreover, this feature allows businesses to conduct breath tests with a simple button press. Detecting alcohol in drug urine tests is always an option. However, running an alcohol breath test using a BACtrack professional breathalyser could be the better option. Breathalysers Australia can prove more accessible and quicker than any alcohol urine test. For any situations requiring alcohol testing, BACtrack is the best choice. BACtrack only takes 10 to 15 seconds to process and analyse your BAC results.

All you need to do during an alcohol breath test is provide an appropriate breath sample. You should do this by blowing firmly into the breathalyser’s mouthpiece. The device will then process the sample. Showing the results within seconds. Having a workplace breathalyser can be an excellent investment. Detecting alcohol in drug urine tests is always an option. It can improve workplace safety and ensure that employees are not under the influence of alcohol