Breath Alcohol Test for Work

A breath alcohol test for work is conducted to measure how much alcohol is in the air you breathe into the device. The breathalyzer unit will show the current levels of impairment or intoxication of the individual undergoing the breath test. Alcohol breath testing does not show results for past alcohol consumption, unlike other drug tests. The breathalyzer device used in the alcohol breath test shows how much alcohol content is in the individual’s blood at the time. If the individual’s result shows a BAC of 0.2 and above; it would mean that the individual got a positive BAC result.  

Breathalyzers for alcohol test for work

Breathalyzer units used for conducting an alcohol test for work are compact and easy to use. The individual undergoing the test is required to blow into a disposable mouthpiece connected to the device. The whole testing process usually takes around a minute, and the device will show accurate blood alcohol content results. If you are interested in conducting an alcohol test for work, BACtrack provides you with a breathalyzer with police-grade accuracy, the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 workplace breathalyzer unit. Conducting alcohol breath tests in the workplace aims to prevent workplace-related accidents and ensure safety.  

It is crucial information that when your BAC rises, you likely become impaired. Typically, employers implement alcohol tests for work is to ensure that aspiring job applicants know that they do not tolerate alcohol abuse in the workplace. A drug and alcohol policy is usually incorporated in the contract to ensure that the employees know and clearly understand the procedure. The policy should clearly outline the terms and repercussions of refusing to undergo the test or what happens when they get a positive result.  

Drinking at Work  

It is troublesome for employers when an employee is apparently under the influence or intoxicated at work. Suppose an employee is intoxicated and they are required to perform safety-sensitive duties such as jobs related to transportation, mining, aviation, or hospitals. In that case, they must be sent home as they are considered a safety hazard. They may also be required to undergo an alcohol test for work. If the employee is acting disorderly and is causing trouble to the workplace, they should be removed from the workplace. It is advisable that you send the employee home or at least some other safe location. If the employee is physically resisting, they should be dealt with by security or local authority. The employee mustn’t be sent home alone or be allowed to drive.   


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