Uses of a BAC Test Kit

Many bars and establishments that serve alcoholic beverages offer a breath sample test to their customers. This service informs people of their blood alcohol content (BAC) or the alcohol level in their blood. A small BAC test kit can conduct a BAC test to estimate the amount of alcohol in your breath. It is essential and valuable always to check your BAC after a few glasses of drinks. Having a BAC test kit comes in handy, especially if you need to drive after consuming alcohol.

The breathalyser is the most common BAC test kit you could find most people using. It is a small and non-invasive device that can measure your alcohol content. Like a BACtrack device, a breathalyser is an electronic device that evaluates a sample breath through its sensors. If the breath contains alcohol, it triggers a chemical reaction, and it calculates the BAC. Moreover, hospitals, law enforcement, and commercial or industrial companies use professional breathalysers to help them monitor potential substance abuse and maintain safety in the workplace or on the road. Law enforcement uses fuel cell sensor breathalysers for accurate roadside screenings. Furthermore, if you go over the legal limit (0.05%), you will face heavy penalties and possible imprisonment terms.

BAC Test Kit: Other Uses

In addition, the workplace checks their workers’ breath to identify alcohol presence in the body. Sobriety in the workplace is vital to minimise alcohol-related accidents. Alcoholism in the workplace has adverse consequences. Often, productivity decreases with alcohol impairments. Additionally, altered behaviour poses risks when you are operating heavy equipment. Aside from workplace use, a personal BAC test kit is also essential. BACtrack has a wide variety of personal breathalysers using the same fuel cell technology as law enforcement. This technology can allow for more accurate self-tests. Additionally, a high-level BAC (0.05% or more) warns you that you are not fit to drive a car. The BACtrack breathalyser estimates your BAC quickly and accurately so you can make better decisions after alcohol consumption.

With proper usage, a BAC test kit can have many benefits and uses. Proper use of a breathalyser is vital to get the most accurate BAC result. To do a self-test, wait at least 20 minutes after your first drink before checking your BAC. It gives your body enough time to absorb the alcohol for more precise readings. You should also make sure that you take notice of the on-screen notifications on the BACtrack breathalyser. The device can inform you if you did not provide a firm enough blow (results in an insufficient breath sample). Without a doubt, a highly accurate BACtrack breathalyser can help you confidently and safely make the right decisions.

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