Performance of the BACtrack S80 in Australia

The BACtrack S80 in Australia is one of the most dependable personal alcohol breath testing devices available. It meets all the standards required for law enforcement officers and medical professionals. The BACtrack S80 also has FDA approval to be a personal device. You can have complete trust and peace of mind when using this breathalyser. The BACtrack S80 utilises a fuel cell sensor that can detect alcohol concentrations over a 0.000 to 0.400% range.

Results show to be highly accurate and reliable when using the BACtrack S80 in Australia. Its sensors accuracy is consistent for over a thousand uses without the need for recalibration. This feature provides you with long-term usability and reliability. The BACtrack s80 is easy to use and has a user-friendly screen. The breathalyser device works fast (10 seconds for the results) and accurately reads the blood alcohol content. Using the BACtrack S80 breathalyser before you drive can quickly measure and determine if you can legally drive a car. The BACtrack S80 breathalyser is reliable mainly because of its police-grade technology.

Why You Should Choose the BACtrack S80 in Australia

  • FDA approved
  • Reliable – can conduct over 1000 tests
  • The Fuel Cell sensor can detect alcohol from 0.000 to 0.400%
  • Designed for ease of use and reliability

Driving intoxicated is illegal, irresponsible and extremely dangerous. If you have consumed alcohol and still choose to drive, you are putting yourself and others at risk for accidents. You should ensure that you are still below the legal limit before you proceed to operate a car. Selt-testing, your BAC, is now possible with accurate personal breathalysers. If you are interested in getting a personal breathalyser, you should consider getting the BACtrack S80 in Australia. It uses innovative technology to measure and test how much alcohol is present in your breath. Having a personal breathalyser will come in handy when you have consumed alcohol and are unsure if you are fit to drive. Knowing your BAC levels will help you avoid getting a fine or possible jail time. You no longer have to guess if you are okay to drive or not.

There are various things to look for when you are choosing a breathalyser like:

  • What technology/Censor does the breathalyser device utilise?
  • Does the breathalyser require periodic recalibration?
  • How are the test results measured and displayed?
  • The actual size of the breathalyser – compact and portable.
  • Is the device Smartphone Compatible?
  • Does the FDA approve the device?

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