What is Drug Management?

What can you do to manage drug use in the workplace? 

What is drug management? Given the distinct negative impact in the workplace regarding safety, productivity, and costs, as an employer, you should implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy. It would help if you learned the signs of possible substance abuse. It would be best if you guide your employees who are showing those signs to get assistance.

Most drug and alcohol abusers are reluctant to seek help because they do not want to accept that they are addicted. They typically reject the thought of them having problems or that their fixations are noticeable to others. Drug and alcohol abusers are very sensitive to the stigma of being labeled an addict or an alcoholic, and they fear retaliation and embarrassment. As an employer, you have a crucial role in managing employees with drug and alcohol problems, including developing and implementing drug and alcohol policies and taking appropriate actions when these policies are violated.  

Safeguards for medication

Workplace issues that should be dealt with in the management of employees afflicted by medication intake, including over-the-counter medications. What is drug management in the workplace? As an employer, you should not request unnecessary information. If workers take medication that can cause risk and impact workplace safety, they must notify their manager. The employee is not required to divulge the condition being treated or the kind of medication being used. 

Management of positive tests

What are drug management procedures for employees that get a positive test? The company’s drug and alcohol policy should clearly outline the terms and conditions for getting a positive test result. If the employee tested positive, the worker should:  

  • removal from the workplace 
  • be provided with workplace counseling and assistance 
  • be provided with further education and training programs 
  • undergo the repercussions agreed and outlined in the policy.  

In the event of a negative test result, the employee returns to work and should keep no test record. 

Drug Management

Measures to reduce alcohol and drug-related problems through good employment policies  

  • Identify working environment problems. 
  • Implement drug and alcohol workplace policies 
  • Job placement of rehabilitated workers  
  • Employee history – when an employee voluntarily communicates and reveals their previous record of alcohol or drug-related problems, as an employer, you should avoid placing the rehabilitated individual in a working placement similar to which may have led to such issues in the past. 


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