How to Buy a Breathalyzer

The proverbial saying “prevention is better than cure” also holds in drinking and driving. It is better to stop something from happening rather than deal with it after it has happened. Alcohol intoxication can impair your judgment and negatively affect your driving abilities. The most practical way of avoiding road accidents is to know your blood alcohol level (BAC) before it’s too late. Checking your BAC is possible and accessible through a breathalyzer. If you need to know your BAC level frequently, it is best to invest in a reliable alcohol breath tester such as a BACtrack breathalyzer. Before all else, it is essential to know what functionalities you need when asking: how to buy a breathalyzer?.

BACtrack breathalyzers are accurate alcohol testers certified by Australian Standards as safe and reliable devices for personal use. You can begin with Breathalysers Australia to check where and how to buy a breathalyzer. Breathalysers Australia has the most comprehensive selection of accurate breathalyzers suitable to your needs and budget. The BACtrack breathalyzers range from the most compact-sized keychain alcohol testers ideal for personal use to the most sophisticated fuel cell sensors for high-volume professional use. You can choose your breathalyzers by viewing them according to your needs, such as personal, smartphone, or workplace use. You can buy a breathalyzer directly from Breathalysers Australia or through your favourite online retail store.

How to Buy a Breathalyzer: Different Kinds of Devices

How to buy a breathalyzer effectively? When purchasing a breathalyzer, the most crucial feature you should look at is its accuracy. You will quickly encounter that a breathalyzer uses two kinds of sensors when measuring your BAC. Semiconductor sensors use tin-oxide substances to measure the BAC. It is cheaper than a fuel cell sensor, but it is less accurate and may provide false-positive results. In contrast, a fuel cell sensor measures the BAC by oxidizing the alcohol and producing electrical currents. The electrical currents estimate the blood alcohol level. A fuel cell breathalyzer is ideal for personal and workplace use as it is highly accurate.

To sum it up, there are different kinds of styles of breathalyzers in the market. The vast choices can be overwhelming if you are looking at how to buy a breathalyzer for the first time. However, by knowing your needs in a device, you can quickly determine the right product for you. At Breathalysers Australia, you will find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. With an accurate BACtrack personal breathalyzer, you can keep your alcohol consumption in moderation and prevent any untoward road incidents.

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