BACtrack Breathalyser Keychain Selection

Many road accidents happen because of alcohol-impaired driving. Driving a car with a high BAC increases the risk for road accidents. Law enforcement is always on the lookout for road hazards such as drink-driving. Checking your BAC through a personal breathalyser can help improve safety. A breathalyser is a handy device that lets you measure your BAC within seconds (10-15 seconds for results using BACtrack devices). Many breath testing devices are available in the market nowadays, including a breathalyser keychain that you can easily carry around.

Breathalyser keychains are the smallest and most budget-friendly breath testing devices available in the market. BACtrack devices in Breathalysers Australia has the best breathalyser keychain selection in the open market. The BACtrack Go and the BACtrack C6 are keychain alcohol testers that can deliver unparalleled accuracy at the most affordable price. With a keychain breathalyser, monitoring your alcohol level is quick and easy.

Breathalyser Keychain Selection: BACtrack Devices

The BACtrack Go is the smallest breathalyser keychain you can find. It utilises the advanced BACtrack MicroCheck sensor that can quickly determine your BAC. The MicroCheck sensor goes through a patented burn-in process that measures the BAC more reliably than a standard semiconductor sensor. Additionally, the fold-away mouthpiece of BACtrack Go can capture the breath samples effectively for the most accurate breath test possible. Without a doubt, the BACtrack Go’s size does not affect its ability to measure BAC accurately.

On the other hand, the BACtrack C6 breathalyser keychain is one of the smallest alcohol testers that use a fuel cell sensor. The BlueFire fuel cell technology can deliver accurate breath tests even from a compact device. It also can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. This feature can drastically help with viewing your results. You can view your BAC on the device through the Standalone mode or directly through your phone via the App mode. With the BACtrack app, you can quickly view your results, track your records, and estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%.


There is no doubt that BACtrack can provide the most reliable breath alcohol tests even through a breathalyser keychain. Despite their compact size, they can deliver accurate BAC results. Additionally, their sleek design allows them to fit in your pocket or purse easily. As a result, many customers find the BACtrack breathalyser keychains the best of their kind. Checking your BAC level is easy and accessible through a BACtrack personal breathalyser. For a complete list of BACtrack products, visit Breathalysers Australia. Without a doubt, accurate devices like BACtrack breathalysers can help with better decision making even after alcohol consumption.

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