PBT for Sale at Breathalysers Australia

It is common for police to perform a breath test whenever there is an accident on the road. Authorities can also stop and inspect a vehicle if they have a reason to believe that the driver is driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. In Australia, drink driving charges have a severe punishment. For example, if you drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05% or more, you can face hefty fines, license disqualification, imprisonment terms, and an alcohol interlock program. Fortunately, you can avoid losing your license by doing a simple BAC check with a preliminary breath tester (PBT). You can now take advantage of the personal breath tester devices available. Moreover, breathalysers Australia offers a wide selection of PBT for sale that suit your needs.

A preliminary breath tester (PBT) or breathalyser is a portable device that can measure your BAC from your breath. A breathalyser captures the breath sample and calculates the alcohol concentration. People use breathalysers to know their BAC while or after consuming alcohol in most cases. Furthermore, it can help you control your consumption and remain safe to drive a vehicle. Breathalysers Australia offers 100% genuine BACtrack PBT for sale. BACtrack is the world’s most recognised breathalyser brand with the highest accuracy and reliability for alcohol breath testing devices.

The Different Kinds of PBT for Sale

The BACtrack PBT for sale at Breathalysers Australia ranges from the smallest keychain testers to the more advanced professional-grade breathalysers. BACtrack breathalysers use advanced sensor technology to deliver accurate and reliable BAC readings each time. The keychain testers such as BACtrack Go and BACtrack C6 are compact and easy to carry around. On the other hand, the BACtrack Mobile, C8, and C6 can pair with most iOS and Android devices. This feature allows access to the BACtrack app, showing more information about your BAC. It is convenient as it can deliver your BAC results directly to your phone, allowing you to share them with your family and friends. The app also tracks your results over time, and it can also call an Uber ride for you.

Most importantly, the best-selling PBT for sale at Breathalysers Australia is the BACtrack S80. The BACtrack S80 is the premier professional-grade breathalyser, as accurate as a law enforcer’s or healthcare professional’s breathalyser. The BACtrack S80 can deliver that through its powerful fuel cell technology, enhanced linear precision, and convenient one-button operations if you depend on high accuracy. More PBTs are available at Breathalysers Australia that suits your specific needs and budget. Without a doubt, checking your BAC has never been this straightforward. Having a personal breathalyser can help you monitor your alcohol level and prevent you from driving into legal trouble.

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