BACtrack Keychain Review

Road crashes happen every day, and one of the main contributing factors is alcohol-impaired driving. Therefore, some people want to protect themselves from possible accidents by using personal breath testers or breathalysers. A breathalyser is a portable device that examines the alcohol in your breath to acquire the blood alcohol concentration (BAC). As such, the BAC level directly indicates a person’s intoxication level, which is critical in safe driving. Keychain breathalysers like the BACtrack Go and C6 Smartphone come in handy, especially if you need a quick alcohol level check. Breathalysers Australia features the smallest and most budget-friendly breathalysers ever created by BACtrack. A BACtrack Keychain review can help you decide which breathalyser suits you.

BACtrack Keychain Review: BACtrack Go vs BACtrack C6

The BACtrack Go is the smallest and sleekest alcohol tester at Breathalysers Australia. It uses the advanced MicroCheck sensor to determine the BAC quickly and accurately. The BACtrack keychain review finds the BACtrack Go helpful for monitoring the alcohol level to not go over the legal limit (0.05% BAC). It can help users moderate their alcohol consumption and ultimately decide whether to drive or take a cab. An innovative feature of the BACtrack Go is the fold-out mouthpiece, ensuring that only precise alcohol breath goes into the sensors. This mouthpiece effectively locks out ambient air and fumes. Furthermore, the MicroCheck sensor technology and a well-tuned algorithm ensure that you get accurate BAC results. Without a doubt, BACtrack breathalysers with highly accurate sensors provide reliable results.

On the other hand, the BACtrack C6 is the smallest alcohol tester of Breathalysers Australia that uses fuel cell sensors. Fuel cell sensors are the industry’s “gold standard” sensors. These are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. According to the BACtrack keychain review, the BACtrack C6 Smartphone offers the best value for a fuel cell breathalyser. Aside from its accurate BAC readings, the breathalyser has optional Bluetooth connectivity. This technology allows you to pair seamlessly to a smartphone app. Therefore, you can view your BAC results either directly from the OLED screen on the device or through your smartphone. Additionally, the app has innovative tracking tools to record your results and show them in a graph. Another key feature of the BACtrack C6 is the ZeroLine technology. This technology can estimate how long and when your BAC level would return to 0.00%.

Advantages of Having a BACtrack Device

Looking through a BACtrack keychain review can help you decide which breathalysers best fit you. Despite a few differences, it is safe to say that any BACtrack device could help improve safety. Having BACtrack devices could also help prevent unwanted trouble with the law. Furthermore, all BACtrack breathalysers have one-button operations, making breath testing more manageable and more convenient. Additionally, you can get your BAC results from BACtrack devices within 10 to 15 seconds. There is a wide variety of BACtrack breathalysers available at Breathalysers Australia.

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