On Pre Employment Alcohol Test Reddit Post

Some employers would typically conduct a pre employment alcohol test as part of their hiring process. If the position is safety-sensitive, a drug and alcohol test can be crucial for determining the possibility substance use. It is one way for employers to determine who is fit for the role. Additionally, the job offer will depend on the passing of the test. Many pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask about passing a test despite consuming alcohol. An alcohol test screens for ethanol and measures the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The BAC indicates a person’s level of intoxication. The test would show a positive result with a specific BAC level if there is recent alcohol consumption. Employers generally rely on workplace breathalysers to provide alcohol tests. You can purchase highly accurate workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia. 

The Need for Pre Employment Alcohol Test on Reddit Post

A pre employment alcohol test Reddit post would talk about how long alcohol stays in the system to pass the test. For example, many people consume alcohol a few days before a job interview or unplanned drug and alcohol tests. Consequently, testing positive for drug and alcohol during a screening can affect your chances of securing the job. Alcohol screening can detect alcohol within certain time frames and it depends on the test procedure being used. For example, a breath test can detect alcohol 12 to 24 hours from the last consumption. Meanwhile, alcohol can show up in urine samples for up to 48 hours and an advanced test for 72 hours.

Most people check their BAC through a breathalyser to monitor their alcohol level.  A breathalyser is a testing device that estimates how much alcohol is in the blood. It is a valuable tool for moderating consumption and staying within the legal limit. Moreover, it can be helpful to know the alcohol concentration of the drink you are consuming. Pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts worry about passing the test with different beverages. The type of beverage and the number of standard drinks consumed can drastically impact your BAC. In Australia, one standard drink equals 10g of pure alcohol. Additionally, the other factors that can influence the BAC are:        

  • The amount of alcohol intake
  • Type of alcohol
  • The number of a standard drink
  • Body type
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Metabolism rate
  • Medications
  • Food intake


Pre Employment Alcohol Test Reddit: Why Test for Alcohol

Pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts discuss what to expect during the test. Employers require a drug or alcohol test to determine if the job applicant has a substance abuse problem. Intoxication in the workplace can cause accidents, injuries, and low productivity. A high alcohol level can affect our senses, perception, and motor functions. As a result, these impairments can affect an employee’s ability to operate vehicles or machinery safely. Additionally, some workplaces are more prone to accidents than others. High-risk industries like mining, construction, manufacturing, and transportation have a zero-alcohol tolerance policy to prevent accidents. Regular alcohol screening can help manage certain occupational hazards. 

What are the kinds of pre employment alcohol test on Reddit posts ask? The standard method for alcohol screening is through a breathalyser. Breath tests with devices like a breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can be a cost-effective and non-invasive method to detect alcohol. To illustrate, an employee would need to blow into the device, allowing the sensors to process the breath sample. Furthermore, the breathalysers in workplaces use fuel cell sensors to measure the BAC accurately. BACtrack analyses the breath sample and displays the BAC results in 10 to 15 seconds. Alternatively, other methods include urine, mouth swab, or hair test. Some employers combine drug and alcohol tests to determine substance use history. 

What Happens after the Pre Employment Alcohol Test

A job notice prior to the interview should inform applicants that drug and alcohol tests are required. However, some pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts state that applicants can be called for alcohol or drug screenings within twenty-four hours after an interview. For positive results, confirmation tests through blood tests are necessary. A medical review officer can evaluate the confirmation test and determine the final result. Moreover, the application process depends on the company policies. Some employers will retest for alcohol after a few days following a positive BAC. In some cases, employees can be given a second chance after testing positive on their initial test. 

Pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask what other tests to expect. A pre employment test is one of the common reasons for workplace testing. Therefore, a job offer is contingent on passing the test. Additionally, the company also can administer on-site alcohol screening in the following instances:

  • Post-incident or near-miss: An alcohol and drug test is critical to determine if substance impairment contributed to the accident. 
  • Random: An unannounced test or test to a random group of employees. Likewise, a random test can identify an employee with a substance use disorder. 
  • Blanket: Safety-regulated industries like mining have wall breathalysers requiring employees to perform an alcohol breath test before entering the premises. 
  • Reasonable suspicion: A workplace carries out for-cause testing if an employee shows obvious symptoms of impairment. 
  • Post-treatment – Test for an employee returning from hospitalisation or rehabilitation. 


Breathalysers Accuracy for Employment

Pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts ask how accurate is a breathalyser test. An alcohol test through a breathalyser is the most efficient way to manage hazards from alcohol use. Workplaces, testing facilities, and laboratories use breathalysers with AS3547 certification. Furthermore, this certification ensures that the device meets the requirements to deliver accurate and reliable results. Moreover, the fuel cell sensors (found in workplace breathalysers) undergo an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath. The oxidisation creates small electrical currents based on the volume of alcohol and converts it into BAC. Additionally, fuel cell breathalysers only react with ethanol. Therefore, other substances like acetone will not affect the BAC readings. Furthermore, this feature makes fuel cell breathalysers less likely to produce false-positive readings. 

Breathalysers Australia: Alcohol Test Devices

What are the best breathalysers a pre employment alcohol test Reddit post would normally talk about? Breathalysers come with many functionalities. You may select from the robust selection of alcohol testers at Breathalysers Australia. All BACtrack devices have an optimal breath capture system to get precise breath samples. The internal breath pump ensures that external pollutants do not go into the sensors. Additionally, BACtrack has a one-touch operations, allowing you to administer a BAC test quickly and easily with just a press of a button. Breathalysers Australia offers workplace breathalysers for high-volume use. The BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 and Mobile Pro Gen2 have enlarged fuel cell sensors to measure the BAC accurately. 

Lastly, a pre employment alcohol test Reddit posts would also ask about using a breathalyser personally. Many breathalysers are available for individual use. People use a breathalyser to help them keep their BAC from reaching the legal limit. Breathalysers Australia has a wide array of pro-grade breathalysers for personal use. Moreover, BACtrack’s fuel cell breathalysers have the same accuracy a police officer’s breathalyser. You can use a breathalyser to help moderate alcohol consumption and make informed decisions.