Alcohol Level Test

Are you planning to obtain a driver’s license? You might be well aware that passing a drug and alcohol level test is one of the most important requirements. More than a decade ago, the government implemented a rule in which anyone who owns or leases a motor vehicle is to submit themselves to alcohol and drug testing before obtaining a driver’s license or lease and before they issue the license to a particular individual, he or she must be alcohol and drug-free. However, many people question this kind of policy. A closer look at the significance of drug and alcohol tests to road safety will help us better understand the importance of having clean motorists on the road.

Although alcohol is a legal substance, there are still specific rules to be followed regarding blood alcohol content whilst driving. When using alcohol, it will reduce the performance of any safety-sensitive function. When a person has a blood alcohol content level of 0.05% or more as revealed by alcohol level tests, it is not viable to drive safely. Please note some people having a zero-tolerance depending on their industries and company standards.

Test Requirements

A person must undergo a drug and alcohol test after being involved in a road accident or reasonable suspicion for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst driving. Random drug and alcohol tests are also a proactive measure to keep the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. There are also return-to-duty and follow-up tests that need to comply with whenever necessary.

Over the years, advances in technology have made detection methods more and more sophisticated. There are two main ways of alcohol testing – through saliva testing devices and breath-testing devices test. Other ways to conduct an alcohol test is with the use of hair samples and urine tests. However, these methods can’t be conducted at the roadside. Using these methods, they can test for the presence or absence of drugs within a person’s body.

Some people claim that there are ways to ‘dodge’ drug and alcohol level tests. However, detection methods have become more advanced so very difficult to manipulate the outcome. The best way to pass a drug and alcohol test is to keep yourself free of these substances, especially when you know you will be taking the wheel. Having a breathalyser will keep you confident and safe. Please feel free to browse our products here: