What is the Alcohol Limit in Australia?

Blood alcohol content (BAC) is the measurement of the alcohol amount found in the body. Blood alcohol concentration levels vary per person. Individuals consuming the same alcoholic beverage can have different BAC readings. In some instances, blood alcohol concentration will not peak for up to 2 hours after finishing your last drink. When conducting an alcohol breath test, law enforcement officers test for blood alcohol concentration. A blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% means 0.05g of alcohol present in every 100ml of blood. The legal alcohol limit for driving in Australia is 0.05% BAC. Your blood alcohol concentration must be under 0.05% to avoid getting hefty fines.

Tips for Not Going Over the Alcohol Limit

  • Monitor your drink consumption – You should consume one standard drink per hour. Drink moderately, keep track of your alcohol consumption. BACtrack personal breathalyzers can effectively help with your BAC tracking and drink monitoring.
  • Eat before drinking – Eating food before consuming alcohol can drastically help with alcohol processing and the rate of metabolizing (burn-off).
  • You can choose to drink alcohol-free or low-alcohol beverages and to consume alcohol-free spacers between each drink.
  • If you are drinking out, it is best to plan: Choose a designated driver or choose a safer way to get home if you are out with friends. Plans like where to leave your car if you take a taxi could drastically help improve your safety. Check with a BACtrack personal breathalyzer before deciding to drive.

It is vital to know that the only sure way of knowing your BAC level is to undergo an alcohol breath test or blood test. BACtrack breathalyzers can offer you various options to keep you safe from accidents and DUI charges. BACtrack Pro models use high tech fuel cell technology for their sensors. Without a doubt, these sensors can provide you with highly reliable results that can help you keep track of your alcohol limit. Moreover, BACtrack breathalyzers are always in stock and available for online purchase. Furthermore, each product comes ready to use and is issued a certificate of accuracy.

To significantly reduce the risk of alcohol-related accidents, people should be mindful of how much they drink. Checking your BAC can drastically help you know your alcohol limit. Alcohol affects each individual differently, so testing yourself with a breathalyzer is the best way of knowing your intoxication level. Without a doubt, you can trust BACtrack personal breathalyzers to provide you with accurate BAC readings.

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