What is Over the Limit on a Breathalyzer?

If you have a few glasses of drinks, it is hard to tell by guessing whether you can safely manage to drive or not. Alcohol impairs your senses, coordination, and perception. These impairments drastically affect your ability to drive. Unfortunately, most people assume they can still safely drive a car without checking their alcohol level. Often, they end up getting pulled over on the roadside for a breath test. Rather than guessing or assuming, it is best to know your exact BAC to know your capabilities. BACtrack has a wide range of personal breathalyzers that can help you objectively check your blood alcohol content (BAC). In addition, carrying a personal breathalyzer can save you from trouble with the law. When checking for your BAC, make sure you know what is over the limit on a breathalyzer.

Breathalyzers are breath testing devices that can accurately measure your BAC through the breath. The BAC figures represent the alcohol level in the body or bloodstream. What is over the limit on a breathalyzer depends on your country or state. For example, some countries like the US have a legal limit of 0.08%, while New Zealand and Australia have a 0.05% BAC limit. Getting caught driving with a BAC higher than the legal limit can subject you to fines, imprisonment, and disqualification or suspension of your license. Furthermore, your penalties will depend on how high your BAC level is. In particular, Australia’s drink driving charges can be low, mid, or high range offences.

What is Over the Limit on a Breathalyzer: Using a Personal Device

What is over the limit on a breathalyzer, and how can you accurately acquire self-test results? Firstly, follow the proper guidelines in using a BACtrack breathalyzer to measure the BAC accurately. To effectively check your BAC, you must wait 20 minutes after your last drink before testing. The BACtrack breathalyzers have a mini solenoid internal breath pump for optimal breath capture. Next, the device undergoes an electrochemical process to determine the amount of alcohol in the breath. The result is displayed on the LED screen or directly through the smartphone app. If your BAC registers higher than 0.05%, it is best to stop drinking and wait one hour before retaking the test. You can also conveniently estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00% with BACtrack’s ZeroLine technology.

People should rely more on their BAC level rather than just guessing. BAC levels accurately determine your capabilities, so owning a personal device can come in handy. When owning a personal device, remember that periodic calibration is essential. Calibration from time to time can help maintain the precision of a breathalyzer. Alcohol residue builds up over time that affects the quality of breath tests. The alcohol residue affects the BAC readings and may register what is over the limit on a breathalyzer. BACtrack sends a notice when your breathalyzer is due for calibration. Recalibrate your device on time so you can keep having precise results. To answer the question of “what is over the limit on a breathalyzer”, just make sure you stay under the legal limit of 0.05%.

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