What is a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

The drug and alcohol policy in a workplace defines an employer’s or company’s rules regarding the use of narcotics and alcoholic beverages by workers during work hours whether if they are on-site or in the workplace. Most corporations and business managers are constitutionally required to administer a written drug and alcohol policy. However, some employers choose to willingly administer this kind of policy to control narcotics and alcoholic beverages used while in the workplace. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy in the Workplace 

Implementing a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace has become progressively customary as companies and employers acknowledge the benefits of preventing drug and alcohol abuse by their workers. This policy is highly considered because the policy gives out better health and safety benefits for the employees. Furthermore, most insurance companies would suggest or even require the employers to have a written drug and alcohol policy as a condition for acquiring insurance. 

Some jobs require zero-drug and alcohol tolerance. The Workplace Act requires that the companies and businesses have a written drug and alcohol policy. And any testing that the company or employer would implement should and must be included in the workplace’s drug and alcohol policy. 

Fundamentally, a workplace drug and alcohol policy should consist of a written explanation indicating what kind of substance use is prohibited. And what would be the repercussions for violating the policy enforced. An extensive or more comprehensive workplace policy should include all the information required. Such as about training, guidance, and support for the workers. The possible method and requirements of drug and alcohol testing should also be explained thoroughly.

Drug and alcohol testing for workers is also a vital part of improving workplace safety and productivity. The company’s workers must be able to read and understand this policy with ease. Keeping updated about changes to this policy is also essential. 

 BACtrack Breathalyzers

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