How to Get a Drug and Alcohol Screening Certification

The constant need for companies to maintain adequate drug and alcohol policies has dramatically increased the need for more efficient and frequent drug testing. One way of providing accurate testing is by having an individual with a drug and alcohol screening certification. Training for certificates like the “HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drug abuse testing” will provide an individual with sufficient experience and knowledge to collect samples. With the help of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, more frequent tests can be done by the certified individual. 

Training in the HLTPAT005 would include urine, oral, and alcohol breath testing; as well as confirmation testing and chain of custody procedures classes. This is to help maintain the integrity and validity of the tests. The validity of the tests would be most useful when being used as evidence in court; which would prove to be quite helpful against an angry employee who got fired for testing positive. Preparing for collection procedures and effective specimen collection are other course outlines given during the drug and alcohol screening certification course. 

HLTPAT005 Drug and Alcohol Screening Certification

After the courses and training, the trainee must undergo an assessment to acquire the drug and alcohol screening certification. To earn the certification, one must meet specific conditions; some conditions include knowing what suitable equipment, resources, and facilities to use client interaction assessment and sample problem/error solving. Despite training for all sorts of sample collection; the HLTPAT005 would prove efficient training for machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers; which would be helpful because it can identify alcohol usage with police-grade accuracy. Trained and certified individuals and accurate and easily accessible machines would help establish more frequent tests within the workplace. 

With more and more machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers and the availability of drug and alcohol screening certification courses, maintaining and improving office safety for companies has never been easier. Companies can now cut costs by hiring an individual with a drug and alcohol certification instead of calling upon mobile testing units now and then for random drug tests and suspicious employees. Alcohol testing can now be done more in a more cost-effective and less time-consuming way, with the help of BACtrack workplace breathalyzers. Frequent tests within the company may also help their employees keep and maintain a healthier and safer lifestyle, decreasing the chances of substance or alcohol usage before or after work. 


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