Alcohol and Drugs Found in the Workplace – What now?

With an increase of the availability of drugs and alcohol worldwide, the issue of their abuse is on the rise. Companies and business owners try to prevent usage by providing strict alcohol and drug policies; including frequent random alcohol and drug testing to help prevent substance abuse during or before working hours. An individual under the influence would most likely have their behavior and awareness affected; drastically affecting their performance and safety of themselves and others within the workplace. This reason alone is why companies try their best to prevent usage as it directly reflects their efficiency. But what would happen if there were alcohol and drugs found in the workplace but no one showing any signs of use? 

Companies would often view alcohol and drugs found in a workplace as viable threats to their business. This threat can easily disrupt the efficiency and safety of all their employees. This could also mean that there may be an employee or a set of employees working under the influence. This could have already drastically affected the company’s productivity and is no longer a safe environment for anybody to work in. Having an employee with impaired judgment will most like disrupt productivity and endanger all of their colleagues. Frequent alcohol testing by using accurate machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer may help prevent such usage at work. 

If alcohol and drugs are found in the workplace

Upon having alcohol and drugs found in the workplace, the company should immediately start a companywide drug and alcohol test. The sooner the employee is found, the more likely it is for the company to resume having more a safer and productive working day. Take a construction company, for example, one that operates in heavy machinery and tools. It cannot risk continuing its current line of work, especially when there is a chance that an employee might dose off at any moment during working hours. 

The best way to tackle issues of alcohol and drugs found in the workplace will always be preventing the usage in the first place. Frequent random testing done to employees may help discourage use in most cases, especially before and during working hours. Investments for machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer and certified sample collectors may prove to be invaluable and most probably profitable for any business in any line of work. Prevention will also most likely decrease the rate of absentees and health issues within the company’s workforce. 


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