What does a Drug Screen Test for? And what does an Alcohol Test Screen for?

When companies and business owners alike perform more and more frequent drug and alcohol tests; employees cannot help but ask what does a drug screen test for? And what does an alcohol screen test for? The availability of reliable and efficient urine and breath alcohol testing methods has made these tests easier to perform. Mobile testing units can perform urine testing, and alcohol testing can be done using machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. These tests mainly help maintain workplace safety and productivity by preventing disruptive behavior on individuals under the influence.  

What does a drug screen test for?

What does a drug screen test for? Urine samples gathered by a certified sample collector would then be taken into the mobile testing unit or lab to be analyzed. A positive test would mean that there may be marijuana, cocaine, steroids, opioids (like heroin), or barbiturates in the individual’s system. These results would then be taken to a certified lab; as per federal law, to identify the exact and specific drug used. Drug screening tests are used for sports organizations, legal or forensic purposes, and employment (company employee monitoring). Businesses can do drug tests for pre-employment, random testing, or when an employee presents with suspicious behavior.

How about alcohol tests?

What does an alcohol test screen for? Alcohol tests is done for all sorts of reasons. They are done primarily to make sure the driver in question is sober on the road or to check whether the employee has had alcohol before or during work. The alcohol test samples can be gathered by machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer, where one would be made to breathe into a sterile tube. Results would be ready within a few seconds and would test positive if the individual has had an alcohol intake from 15 minutes ago up to almost 24 hours.

Breath alcohol technicians would then use the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to identify alcohol in the system and how much of it. Anything equal to or above 0.01% would mean that there has been some alcohol intake. The differences in what an alcohol test and what does a drug screen test for are significant but have similarities when discussing their advantages and purposes.  

With clear answers on what does a drug screen test for and what an alcohol test is for; companies should always consider the benefits of frequent testing. Despite being a little costly, reliable and routine testing could help the company save money rather than lose it. Testing would prevent employees from having or ever starting a disruptive and unhealthy habit which would help maintain workplace safety and productivity. 


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