Steps on Taking a Breathalyser Test

A breathalyser test, also known as an alcohol breath test, measures an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC determines whether a person still has the mental and functional capacity to work or drive. Law enforcers and companies or employers commonly do breathalyser tests primarily to maintain road and workplace safety. The BAC directly correlates to the amount of alcohol a person has consumed; the higher the BAC, the more likely it is that the individual is experiencing some of the adverse effects of alcohol. It could be dangerous, especially when a person is driving or at work. A breathalyser test is performed using a breathalyser device, also known as a breath alcohol analyser, and can have the results within seconds of blowing into the machine.  

Taking a breathalyser test is quick and straightforward, mainly because of the very few requirements needed. Police officers would pull over individuals that may seem to be driving dangerously or irregularly and have them blow into the sterile tube of a breathalyser device. Workplace testing is done similarly but could either be on suspected individuals or through random workplace alcohol testing. Nowadays, though, people are given the option to own a breathalyser. It could prove beneficial as they could check their BAC with devices like the BACtrack breathalyser to help them decide whether it’s safe for them to drive or work.  

Importance of a Breathalyser Test

Driving with a BAC of over 0.05% is considered illegal in Australia and is punishable by law. Other driving limits include learner and probationary drivers required to have a BAC of 0.00% when driving. Implementation of severe penalties is present to help enforce the drink driving limit—penalties like hefty fines, confiscated licenses, ignition interlocks, and impounded vehicles. To prevent DUI charges from being implemented on them, individuals nowadays perform a breathalyser test on themselves before getting behind the wheel. Police-grade BACtrack breathalysers are here to help individuals perform more accurate and reliable self-tests.  

Employers and companies can now benefit from having their own BACtrack workplace breathalysers with busy schedules around the office or workplace. It allows companies to perform onsite alcohol screening, which is less time-consuming as well as cost-effective. BACtrack devices with the same technology law enforcers and medical professionals use can provide professional-grade breathalyser test results. It negates the need for extra costs like having to call up a mobile testing unit.  

With all the possible alcohol-related consequences an individual or employer/company may have, like DUI charges and decreased company productivity; it is safe to say that a BACtrack breathalyser could drastically change the outcomes. Monitoring one’s BAC closely could go a long way concerning road and workplace safety. 


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