Importance of Employee Drug Tests in Australia

Conducting a workplace drug test in Australia is not uncommon. Workplace drug and alcohol testing procedures are performed following the company or employer’s active drug and alcohol testing policy. It is crucial that both the employees and employers understand the safety policy and take appropriate actions to ensure a safe work environment. 

Benefits of having a drug and alcohol testing policy 

Creating and enforcing a successful drug and alcohol testing policy is the ultimate way to discourage and prevent employees from using or abusing drugs or alcohol before or during work hours. Administering alcohol or drug test in Australia includes benefits like; 

A safer and healthier workplace 

Administering a complete and all-inclusive drug and alcohol testing policy is an excellent way to improve your business’ overall workplace safety. Conducting regular drug tests in Australia will ensure that your employees are not under the influence when working, and doing this will help reduce workplace-related accidents. This policy may also be used as a way to encourage employees to have healthier lifestyles. 

Increased productivity 

Having an effective policy on a drug test in Australia will massively reduce abuse of substances by your employees. It can safeguard you against hiring addicted workers, enabling you to have a quality workforce. As an employer, you can help ensure your employees work peacefully towards a common goal. 

Reduced liability costs 

Employees are obligated to undergo drug tests in Australia for jobs like transportation, manufacturing, mining, building, and construction. Employees are expected to be drug-free, fully aware, and sober to avoid serious workplace accidents resulting in injury or even death. Drug and alcohol testing is recommended and considered a standard practice to be followed in the workplace. Having a good drug and alcohol testing policy also helps ensure the safety of the employees and company equipment. Conducting regular drug and alcohol testing will enable you, as an employer, to reduce compensation claims successfully. 

Stable workforce 

As an employer, you are obligated to provide your employees with a safe work environment in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act. It will cost you more to reintegrate injured employees than to purchase and implement workplace drug testing equipment. Eliminating the problem with drug and alcohol abuse can provide you with more consistent and effective employees. 


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