Guidelines for Getting a Breath Alcohol Training Certification

The prevalence of alcohol training for businesses has drastically increased over the years, mainly because of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, which help with the procedures. Training is mainly done to help maintain the safety and integrity of the employees within the company. More and more companies need breath alcohol technicians to help with performing the tests legally with their nationally accredited breath alcohol training certification.  

A breath alcohol training certification could be acquired once an individual has completed a breath alcohol technician (BAT) course; that also complies with the three benchmarks of BAT training set by officials. The course completion requirements include basic information, qualification training, and proficiency demonstrations. This certification plays a pivotal role in workplace safety and proficiency. With machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers to aid the certified technician; alcohol policies within the workplace can be easily maintained. 

Breath Alcohol Training Certification

A certified breath alcohol technician should be thoroughly taught the specific steps in completing the testing process; as well as handling testing problems/ errors, and detailed information of a BAT’s responsibilities. All play a vital role in terms of accurate testing results and keeping the technician safe from legal action. There could be angry employees willing to go to court to justify the loss of their job after testing positive. Having a breath alcohol training certification along with a very accurate device like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer would most likely prevent the company from losing such cases.  

Companies and business owners alike hesitate with the thought of investing a little bit of money for an employee with a breath alcohol training certification; as well as buying a workplace breathalyzer. But looking closer into the issue, the advantages of having both greatly outweigh its little to no disadvantages. With more frequent tests available; the company would most likely save more money in preventing workplace-related injuries, reducing absentee rates, and keeping their workers healthy by preventing bad habits from accumulating. Having policies that avoid alcohol use will play a pivotal role for employees as it would significantly increase their productivity, comfort within the workplace, and health. With all these in mind, a certified BAT and a BACtrack breathalyzer would prove to be an invaluable investment for any company. 


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