What is an Alcohol Breathalyser

An alcohol breathalyser is a machine that is used when taking a breath alcohol test. Police officers commonly do these tests to make sure that the driver in question can still legally drive. It checks the blood alcohol content (BAC) when the individual breathes into the sterile tube of the device. The level of BAC can then be used to determine the amount of alcohol present in the driver’s system and whether he can legally drive or not. A BAC of less than 0.05% is required; anything more than that would be considered a punishable by law offence. Reliable machines nowadays, like the BACtrack breathalyser, may help individuals self-monitor their BAC before driving.  

Blood Alcohol Content

An individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC) could easily translate to how intoxicated a person is when using an alcohol breathalyser. For example, a BAC of 0.01% to 0.05% could mean that an individual might have mild speech, memory, awareness, coordination, and balance impairments. A BAC of 0.06% to 0.15% could mean that the person should experience moderate impairments to all motor functions; drastically affecting one’s ability to drive and have an increased risk of injury even when not driving.  

Despite being more accurate, Urine testing is still harder to perform on the go, especially for police officers who are constantly on the move. The alcohol breathalyser is compact and is about the size of a walkie-talkie; this allows the officer to always have it with them, be it responding to a possible drunk driver or domestic disturbance case. On the other hand, though, urine can also be used to check for potential drug usage.  

BACtrack Workplace Alcohol Breathalysers

With alcohol usage on the rise, companies are also considering using the BACtrack workplace breathalyser, which can help monitor employees’ soberness within the office. An alcohol breathalyser can drastically affect the safety and productivity of one’s workplace, especially by singling out those employees who are struggling with alcohol abuse.  

Given how reliable machines like the BACtrack breathalyser are on getting the BAC of an individual, the seriousness of one’s DUI offence and the severity of their punishment significantly rely on the level of BAC they present on the scene taken by a police alcohol breathalyser. The higher the BAC level the driver has, the greater the consequences. Heftier fines, longer confiscations, and impounded cars are all consequences of having a high enough BAC. Repeated DUI offences and their severe punishments can all be prevented by using machines like the BACtrack breathalyser to help individuals monitor whether they can legally drive or not. 


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