Introducing Skyn: The BACtrack Watch for Alcohol Monitoring

An alcoholic drink contains ethanol, a type of alcohol produced as a byproduct of grains, fruits, or other sugar sources that acts like a drug. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, commonly referred to as “drinking,” plays an essential social role in many cultures. However, drinking too much of an alcoholic drink can harm the human body. Taking in alcohol over a moderate level can lead to a loss of concentration and balance. Alcohol can also impair judgment and most often lead to road accidents or incidents at work. As you start consuming alcohol, you can also begin monitoring yourself ensuring you are not drinking too much that can endanger yourself or others. One way to monitor yourself while consuming alcoholic drinks would be using a breathalyser or a BACtrack watch.

Breathalysers are devices that measure the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of a person via breath samples. The breathalyser will show results as BAC %, with which Australia has a legal limit of 0.05% BAC. On the other hand, a BACtrack watch, commercially known as BACtrack Skyn, estimates the BAC level of a person by detecting alcohol molecules in the sweat. This process is Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) measurement. The device-connected app provides actionable and reliable data. When the alcohol level rises, it can help the user decide to slow down or stop drinking. Individuals can monitor whether the family member’s BAC level remains at 0.00% in real-time. Users can also easily track alcohol consumption and share the data with others.

The BACtrack Watch for Alcohol Monitoring: What is Skyn?

BACtrack is a leading manufacturer of both professional and personal breathalysers. BACtrack also reveals the BACtrack Skyn, the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor. Some people sometimes prefer to call this the BACtrack Skyn watch. BACtrack watch is an alcohol monitor that completely reinvents how measuring alcohol is as it continuously is eliminating through the skin. BACtrack Skyn can be worn as a standalone outfit or in conjunction with an Apple watch band on the wrist. The device-connected app provides actionable and reliable data. When a user’s alcohol level rises, they can choose to slow down or stop drinking.

There are two prototypes of the Skyn BACtrack watch that BACtrack is developing.

  • An Apple Watch Band that can be quickly glanced at to monitor the user’s approximate alcohol level in real-time. As a result, the design was created to make the BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor more comfortable to wear and integrate into users’ daily lives.
  • A standalone wearable device is worn on a user’s wrist and syncs with the BACtrack Skyn app on the smartphone.


The BACtrack Watch for Alcohol Monitoring: How does Skyn Works?

Biosensor technology is what the BACtrack Skyn watch uses to measure TAC. The technology is similar to that used in breathalysers, but it analyses alcohol levels in sweat instead of breath. Skyn BACtrack detects trace amounts of alcohol or ethanol molecules in perspiration that the skin produces. On the other hand, a breathalyser test provides a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), which tracks the amount of alcohol in the blood via the breath at a specific time. TAC measurement, on the other hand, is a continuous process that allows users to track their alcohol levels on their wrists. The Skyn BACtrack gathers TAC data and sends the information to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Once it gathers enough TAC data, it converts it into a BAC value.

Users of this BACtrack watch can track their alcohol content and receive notifications when their smartphones’ drinking level exceeds a certain threshold. The device-connected app provides actionable and reliable data. When the user’s blood alcohol level rises, it can help them determine whether or not to continue drinking. Individuals can track whether a family member’s blood alcohol level stays below 0.00% in a timely manner. Also, alcohol intake can also be easily tracked and shared with others with the use of the app.

The BACtrack Watch for Alcohol Monitoring: Is Skyn Available in the Market?

BACtrack Skyn is already available for beta testing in the United States. The BACtrack watch is still being developed before its public launching, which BACtrack will announce on the website. Also, the BACtrack watch is still only compatible with iOS devices. However, future updates and developments would include Android smartphones to sync with the BACtrack watch. Even though this product is unavailable globally, we can still rely on BACtrack’s best breathalysers. These breathalysers are easy to use and provide accurate test results within 10-15 seconds. You can easily purchase your BACtrack breathalysers via Breathalysers Australia.


Breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia 

Breathalysers Australia only sells authentic, original BACtrack products. These are the most well-known and best-selling breathalyser brands in the world today. BACtrack is also known as a global leader in breathalyser technology.  It is the first to release smartphone-connected breathalysers. And now, they are planning to release the world’s first wrist-worn wearable alcohol monitor. The BACtrack Skyn watch does not require a breath sample to detect BAC.   

Each BACtrack breathalyser is unique in its way. All are dependable, accurate, and reasonably priced, with the quality only BACtrack can provide. In other words, any product purchased from Breathalysers Australia will not let you down. BACtrack’s current product line includes the dependable S80 Pro and the handy keyring-sized Go Keychain. Some breathalysers like the Mobile Pro operate via an app on your smartphone. It has advantages such as reducing the size of the breathalyser to maximise portability. Additionally, it can track alcohol consumption over time and predict how long it will take to become sober. All units come with replaceable and reusable mouthpieces. Therefore, you may safely share them with multiple people. Anyone can also purchase them separately. Check Breathalysers Australia for when the BACtrack watch will be available to the Australian market. 

Breathalysers Australia provides a wide range of BACtrack breathalysers. Once the BACtrack Skyn watch is available in the market, they will include it on their website. For now, they currently offer the following:

What More to Expect 

BACtrack is expanding and will continue to develop new, more user-friendly, and affordable alcohol testing devices in the future. When BACtrack releases such new products, you can be sure that Breathalysers Australia will bring them to the Australian market. Skyn BACtrack watch is a device to watch out for that BACtrack will launch soon globally. Also, we shall be expecting more updates on BACtrack breathalysers since development is continuous. Personal and workplace alcohol use monitoring is now made easy with BACtrack breathalysers and the upcoming BACtrack watch. With just a tap on your wrist or a button push, you can now monitor yourself or any of your family members for alcohol use. Knowing your BAC level can provide better judgment of when to slow down or stop drinking.