Why Having an Alcohol Free Workplace is Beneficial

Business owners and companies alike try their best to provide safe and risk-free working environments for their employees. It is proven that there are positive effects on the efficiency and productivity of businesses that have well-managed procedures and policies. Some procedures like a well-trained and active security team and a strict premises entry rule help their employees feel safer. Policies enforced around the office also have lasting effects for companies; policies like gender-related employee-to-employee interactions and drug and alcohol control. Behavioral policies help protect the company from within; and having a drug and alcohol free workplace may help improve the safety of all the workers, keeping in mind how substance abuse can negatively affect one’s attitude and awareness. Monitoring substance abuse has become easier for companies with the help of BACtrack workplace breathalyzers ready to use on the go.

Companies back then were hesitant to constantly monitor substance abuse on their employees; mainly because of how much it used to cost to hire and call out mobile testing units and their trained drug and alcohol testers. Nowadays, all it takes is for one of the company’s employees to get certified as a tester. The company has to invest a little more into having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. A small price to pay for an alcohol free workplace. A company can significantly cut costs and increase the frequency of alcohol tests that can be conducted. Keeping in mind that the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers can monitor alcohol with police-grade accuracy; it would prove to be an invaluable investment any company can make. With constant and frequent testing available, it can definitely provide an alcohol free workplace.

How BACtrack can provide an alcohol free workplace

Providing an alcohol free workplace should be one of the main priorities for most companies. Given the adverse effects they could have on an individual’s attitude, behavior, and awareness, it should be monitored; as it can drastically affect the safety and productivity of the workplace. Construction companies, for example, that operate in heavy machinery, would need to make sure that none of their employees would doze off behind the wheel, a behavior that could be caused by alcohol abuse. This could easily be avoided by having their workers conveniently use a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer right before operating the machine.

Given how cutting out substance abuse could positively affect an individual’s attitude, it would prove to have a positive effect on the company they work for as well. Keeping in mind how it dramatically affects ones’ attendance as well as their ability to perform, it would prove to be an indispensable investment for any company, with the help of BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, to maintain an alcohol free workplace.


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