How does BACtrack Skyn Work?

BACtrack Skyn works by providing you with an estimate of your intoxication level, and it could potentially save lives. Nowadays, varying functions of smartwatches and bracelets constantly emerge and are in the mainstream trend. Although many kinds of smartwatches are becoming more innovative and high-tech, there are still gaps in our technology. To help fill in the gaps, BACtrack has designed and created a smart wristband that can measure alcohol content present in your body. It can evaluate the alcohol concentration present in your blood by sweat. This device can then alert its users when excessive or dangerous alcohol consumption is detected.

The BACtrack Skyn is a non-invasive, safe to wear tool that can evaluate your BAC levels. It can also collect and send the data to an iOS device. The device works by analysing the small amounts of alcohol released through the skin. This process is Transdermal Alcohol Content or TAC tracking. The TAC measurement is constant and updates without blowing air into a device, unlike when conducting an alcohol breath test using a breathalyser. Moreover, the Skyn cannot give out instant blood alcohol levels. It will take about 45 minutes to analyse the user’s BAC level. BACtrack Skyn lets users assess their alcohol consumption, similar to how people evaluate their daily steps or sleeping duration. Additionally, it can also effectively provide users and medical practitioners with a recent and well-updated history of alcohol consumption.

BAC Tracking With the BACtrack Skyn

The BACtrack Skyn wristband has an electrochemical sensor that tracks the alcohol molecules released through the skin. The band then uses BACtrack’s exclusive algorithm program to translate the reading into an estimated BAC level. The result is then sent directly to your gadget. You can use the device to remind you of your alcohol intake. Your smartphone can be set to vibrate if your BAC levels are getting too high. This method is an effective way to prevent high levels of intoxication. It can also automatically send your friends or family a notification if your BAC is high.

The free app for the BACTrack Skyn also has a built-in emergency contact function. Once the user consumes alcohol that exceeds a certain amount, the device can send a message to report your current situation. If you are interested in avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, the Skyn can effectively help. You need to set the consumption limit in the app in advance. Once the collected data reaches the set limit, the device will remind the user to drink in moderation. Effective devices like the BACtrack Skyn and the BACtrack personal Breathalyser can drastically help improve your safety. You can find BACtrack personal breathalysers on the Breathalysers Australia website.

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