A Look on BACtrack Accuracy

Alcohol-related driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents in every state each year. The wide use of alcohol spreads across all sectors and age groups. Furthermore, excessive alcohol intake can result in a high impairment level which poses as safety risks on the road or workplace. Therefore, determining the alcohol level is crucial for overall safety. Today, modern breathalyzers are accessible, allowing you estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) quickly and efficiently. Unlike other testing methods, the alcohol breath test is a practical way to know your BAC level in real-time. As such, a device you can trust is the BACtrack breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia. The BACtrack accuracy is unparalleled thanks to the modern and innovative breathalyser technology used in each device.

Understanding Sensor Types

Breathalysers Australia offers an extensive selection of BACtrack breathalysers for personal or professional use. All breathalysers utilise sensors to measure the BAC. Understanding sensor types is critical in choosing what device you should use. Breathalysers use the two standard sensors –  the semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. The BACtrack has advanced MicroCheck semiconductor sensors using a tin oxide substance to measure the alcohol level accurately. The MicroCheck sensor goes through a patented burn-in process to deliver reliable BAC results. In particular, the semiconductor sensors quantify the reactivity between the tin dioxide and the ethanol molecules in the breath sample. Therefore, the BACtrack accuracy of the MicroCheck sensors gives the most precise BAC readings for a semiconductor breathalyser.

The BACtrack Go Keychain utilises the MicroCheck sensor to determine BAC quickly and accurately. It is the smallest and sleekest alcohol tester in Breathalysers Australia. In addition, the device has a fold-out mouthpiece to protect it when not in use. The fold-out mouthpiece ensures that only the precise breath sample goes through the alcohol sensors to be analysed. The specially tuned algorithm also enhances the BACtrack accuracy of the Go Keychain. Its affordability is ideal for alcohol detection, personal and at-home use.


BACtrack Accuracy: Fuel Cell Sensors

Most BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensor technology. The BACtrack accuracy relies on the platinum fuel cell sensors to oxidise ethanol in the breath. When the sensors contact alcohol, it undergoes an electrochemical process to produce small electrical currents. The amount of electrical currents generated is based on the volume of alcohol present in the breath. A microprocessor measures the electrical currents and converts them into a corresponding BAC. The more you consume alcohol, the higher your BAC level. Additionally, fuel cell breathalysers offer high accuracy, sensitivity, and validity in alcohol breath tests. They are specific to ethanol and does not react with other substances in the breath like acetone. As a result, they are less likely to produce false-positive results. It can benefit the BAC readings for people:

  • With diabetes
  • On a low-calorie diet
  • In an area with lots of fumes around

The BACtrack Pro breathalysers employing the Xtend fuel cell sensors have advanced features for the highest level of accuracy. Specifically, the BACtrack S80 Pro, Trace Pro, and Mobile Pro has linear response to provide accurate results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations. The breathalysers precisely measure trace concentrations of alcohol from 0.00 up to 0.400%. You can ascertain that you get accurate BAC evaluation even at a high BAC level. Additionally, the BACtrack accuracy includes continuous temperature checking, which ensures breath sample consistency. Also, a fuel cell sensor has professional-grade accuracy, and is the same technology police officers use in roadside screenings.

BACtrack Accuracy in Breathalysers Australia

The BACtrack accuracy is the vital feature of all alcohol testers at Breathalysers Australia. In particular, the Pro Series provides the highest precision in alcohol breath tests. The BACtrack S80 Pro, Trace Pro, and Mobile Pro has FDA approval and meets the federal breath screening devices requirement. Each BACtrack breathalyser undergoes repeated testing to uphold quality control and consistency. The tests simulate with people to help reproduce actual results based on breath flow patterns and lung capacity. In addition, the controlled testing includes human usage and lung capacity that can affect a breathalyser’s performance. The results are mapped in a graph, which is beneficial in developing and improving the breathalyser technology. The S80 Pro records the highest performance when tested against the police gold-standard equipment.

Aside from the advanced sensor technology, all BACtrack breathalysers have a mini-solenoid internal pump to capture the breath sample effectively. The proprietary breath capture system ensures that only the precise air enters the alcohol sensors while keeping ambient air and external pollutants out. To provide the proper breath sample, wait at least fifteen minutes from the last alcohol consumption. This gives time for the body to absorb alcohol and carry it through the bloodstream to the lungs. Finally, the portions of alcohol in the alveoli exit the body through an exhaled breath. You acquire the BACtrack accuracy and reliability through proper use of the breathalyser.


Ease of Use

Most BACtrack breathalysers have one-button operations allowing you to conduct a breath test efficiently. The combined ease of use and BACtrack accuracy is suitable for quick BAC tests. Press the power button, and the warmup countdown timer will begin immediately. While the sensors are warming up, take a deep breath. Provide a continuous and firm blow into the mouthpiece once the warmup timer reaches zero. The sensors analyse the breath sample and can deliver your BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. The BACtrack breathalysers come with reusable, washable, and removable mouthpieces. Additionally, BACtrack devices have features that make it a better device than its competitors:

  • Long sensor life: BACtrack has a long sensor life that requires less recalibration.
  • Long battery life: You can perform up to 1000 tests with one set of batteries.

Maintaining breathalyser performance and BACtrack accuracy

Get the most out of your device by using the BACtrack breathalyser at least once a month. If the unit has not been used for an extended time, the sensor may dry out, affecting the BACtrack accuracy. To maximise effectiveness, perform a breath test every few weeks whether you consumed alcohol or not. Regular use helps keep the sensors from drying out because of the moisture in your breath. Another way to maintain the BACtrack accuracy is to send the unit back for periodic calibration. All breathalyser sensors build up alcohol residue and drift over time. Regular recalibration keeps the device in top condition. Also, avoid dropping the breathalysers to protect the sensors.

Breathalysers Australia provides a wide range of alcohol testers to suit different needs. The breathalysers range from keychain testers, smartphone breathalysers, and workplace devices. The smartphone breathalysers have Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a smartphone wirelessly. The BACtrack C6 Keychain, C8 Smartphone, and Mobile Pro pairs with a smartphone app to deliver fast, accurate BAC results. The app allows you to track your BAC results and monitor the return of sobriety through ZeroLine technology. The ZeroLine technology estimates when your BAC level will return to 0.00%. You can assure the BACtrack accuracy in all units regardless of which breathalyser you choose. Visit Breathalysers Australia and begin safe and responsible alcohol consumption.