Which Device Measures the Highest Alcohol Breath Test

Consuming alcohol and driving afterwards is an unsafe act that can endanger lives on the road. When police suspect a driver of having driving impairments, they use a breathalyser to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC). A high BAC means a high level of alcohol consumption. There are different types of breath alcohol devices or breathalysers you can use. Law enforcement doesn’t just use any breathalyser bought in the market; they use the highest alcohol breath test standard to get the most accurate BAC readings. BACtrack offers breathalysers with police-grade accuracy, useful in professional and personal settings.

Breathalysers come in different kinds, each with distinct features. The most common types are semiconductors and fuel cell breathalysers. Semiconductor breathalysers use tin-oxide substances to measure BAC. They are common as personal breath alcohol devices and are relatively cheaper too. On the other hand, fuel cell breathalysers use platinum fuel cell sensors that offer high accuracy and sensitivity to give exact BAC readings. It is the preferred sensor to use by authorities, especially in roadside screenings. There is also another type of breathalyser, which is the Spectrophotometer. The Spectrophotometer breathalyser is the least common of the three, and you can find this in a police station. It is also the least portable among the three but is the most accurate. It can measure the highest alcohol breath test results with high precision and accuracy.

Highest Alcohol Breath Test Results: Use BACtrack

BACtrack offers reliable fuel cell breathalysers for personal and professional use. BACtracks’s advanced fuel cell sensor breathalysers give the most precise BAC result. BACtrack personal breathalysers could provide the highest alcohol breath test on the go. Fuel cell technology uses an electrochemical process that oxidises the alcohol in a breath sample. The oxidisation produces an electrical current that determines the BAC reading. You can also find this technology in a police officer’s breathalyser. Undoubtedly, you need not worry about the accuracy of your BACtrack personal breathalyser, as it can provide reliable results with its pro-grade fuel cell sensors.

Although it is never safe to be driving even with a minimum amount of alcohol consumption, a breathalyser can help you stay safe and in control. It is better to be sure with the highest alcohol breath test available to you when it comes to safety. Check out BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers with police-grade accuracy to give you high accuracy and reliability. BACtrack breathalysers are available via the official Breathalysers Australia website.

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