Choosing the Right Keychain Breathalyzer for You

A Keychain breathalyzer that suits your needs

A keychain breathalyzer can keep you and other guests safe. By conducting a breath test, you may be able to detect someone who has reached or exceeded the legal limits. Alcohol breath testers or breathalyzers come in different types. In other words, you should carefully consider your needs and preferences before purchasing one. There are two main types of sensors that breathalyzers utilize. Firstly, semiconductor sensor types can provide a slightly dependable but easily altered BAC reading (changed by things like smoke from surroundings). Secondly, the best and most effective type are breathalyzers that use fuel cell sensors and provide long-term reliability and accuracy.

Can you buy a breathalyzer?

You can purchase a keychain breathalyzer unit with the same accuracy as those devices used by law enforcement that utilizes fuel cell sensor technology. Unlike semiconductor sensors, fuel cell sensors are more precise when compared to other technologies. Furthermore, they are also capable of responding to varying levels of alcohol breath concentrations.

Do personal breathalyzers work?

A keychain breathalyzer, when used appropriately, will provide you with an accurate blood alcohol measurement by analyzing the air you breathe into the device.

BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer | Professional-Grade Accuracy


  • The C6 Keychain Breathalyzer provides you with a feature that lets you know when your BAC will return to 0.00%. In addition to allowing you to quickly and easily identify your BAC levels.
  • BACtrack C6 utilizes pro-grade accuracy. BACtrack’s Blufire Fuel Cell Sensor powers the C6 unit.
  • Wireless Connectivity. You can use the C6 unit directly or connect it to your smartphone. Easily Switch Between Modes.
  • One Year Warranty

BACtrack Go Breathalyzer | Ultra-Portable Pocket Keyring Breathalyzer


  • Easy To Use. You can turn on your device with a push of a button and begin testing in seconds.
  • Quick and Easy. You can test yourself and see estimate your BAC. Advanced micro-check sensor technology provides reliable and accurate BAC readings.
  • The BACtrack Go Keychain breathalyzer is compact and designed to fit your pockets.
  • Optimal Breath Capture – The Go keychain breathalyzer utilizes a Fold-Out design for the mouthpiece, ensuring your breath sample is not contaminated.
  • One Year Warranty

Before deciding which BACtrack keychain breathalyzer unit to purchase, be sure to look into what suits your needs best.  Without a doubt, any BACtrack breathalyzer device could provide you with various options to help you utilize an alcohol breath testing device more effectively.

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