What is the Best Breathalyser in Australia

The blood alcohol content (BAC) is measurable in many ways. One of the most common methods used to measure the BAC is breath alcohol testing. Breath testing is possible by using a breathalyser. Police officers mainly measure the BAC to help them maintain safer roads. By checking a driver’s BAC, they could easily distinguish drivers incapable of driving safely. The legal alcohol limit in Australia is 0.05%. Driving with a BAC equal to or greater than 0.05% is punishable by law. Nowadays, drivers that seek to maintain their BAC under the limit now responsibly rely on personal breathalysers. The rise and prevalence of breathalysers have now got people looking for the best breathalyser in Australia available. 

There are many features one should keep in mind when looking for the best breathalyser in Australia. BACtrack breathalysers, for example, feature fuel cell technology. This technology is the same type found in the breathalysers of medical professionals and police officers. This tech allows BACtrack personal breathalysers to be one step ahead of its competition. Without a doubt, having police-grade accuracy will most likely improve one’s safety and prevent possible DUI charges. BACtrack personal breathalysers are also now easier to use, even for those who lack breath testing experience. Self-testing with the BACtrack S80 pro or Trace Pro would seem almost effortless. The BACtrack Pro series has a one-touch operating system, meaning that a breath test could easily be doable with just a press of a button. 

Best Breathalyser in Australia: Choosing a device

The BACtrack S80 Pro or Trace Pro could easily be the best breathalyser in Australia with the features they have to offer. BACtrack breathalysers, along with their accuracy, have plenty of other features that make them one of the most reliable and sought out breathalyser suppliers out there. Other devices like the BACtrack C6 and C8 have Bluetooth compatibility. They are compatible with iOS, Android, and Google phones. The C series’ connectivity shows more information via the BACtrack app. Information like BAC tracking and when its user’s BAC would return to 0.00% are visible in the app. This feature allows for more accurate BAC tracking and drinks monitoring throughout the night. Despite having an extra option, the C series’ size remains compact. They are still small enough to be attachable to keys, making them a pretty handy keychain. 

With all key features present in BACtrack personal breathalysers, it is safe to say that any one of them could be the best breathalyser in Australia. It all depends on the user’s preferences on what device would suit them most. The best part about BACtrack breathalysers is their availability. You can now purchase them in large retailer stores (Harvey Norman) or online here at Breathalysers Australia. 


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