Where to Buy a Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are small handheld devices that police officers use to identify suspected intoxicated drivers on the road. Over the years, more breathalyzers became available for citizens to buy and use. A breathalyzer is a helpful tool to protect you and your loved ones from possible road mishaps. A breathalyzer detects a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) through a breath sample. You can use a breathalyzer to check your BAC before driving to know if you are safe to operate a car or not. However, some might struggle when looking for an accurate and reliable device. With the increase of availability nowadays, knowing exactly where to buy a breathalyzer that you can heavily rely on could be difficult. You would want to choose the best kind to give you reliable and consistent readings.

There are two kinds of breathalyzers: semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. Most budget personal breathalyzers options you can buy use semiconductor sensor technology. They are cheaper than a fuel cell breathalyzer, but the results could vary due to other external factors (like smoke). On the other hand, a fuel cell breathalyzer is more expensive but is more accurate as they are sensitive in detecting ethyl alcohol only. Law enforcement uses fuel cell breathalyzers as it does not give false-positive results. Where to buy a breathalyzer as accurate as a police officer’s device? Fortunately, BACtrack has a wide range of fuel cell breathalyzers ideal for personal use. BACtrack is the most trusted brand regarding accuracy and precision in breath alcohol devices.

Where to Buy a Breathalyzer: BACtrack Breathalyzers

BACtrack’s platinum fuel cell personal breathalyzers can provide the most accurate BAC readings. Even budget BACtrack devices with the MicroCheck Sensor can be reliable devices. However, knowing where to buy a breathalyzer with fuel cell sensors is what most people would want to know. Moreover, if you depend on accurate BAC readings, the XTend Fuel Cell Sensor of BACtrack is what you need. Furthermore, BACtrack’s platinum fuel cell technology is typically the same kind of technology law enforcers, and health professionals use in their breathalyzers.

You can get both kinds of breathalyzers at the official Breathalyzers Australia website. There are different breathalyzers to choose from that suit your needs and budget. All BACtrack breathalyzers are capable of accurate BAC readings and are highly reliable for personal use. So, if you consume alcohol and feel like you need a reliable breath alcohol test, you now know where to buy a breathalyzer.

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