Alcohol Screening Test for Employment

Workplace safety and risk management play a vital part in a company’s success. A company must always prioritise its employees above anything else. Accident reduction and prevention are the best and most effective ways to improve workplace safety. Nowadays, companies have highly effective precautionary and preventive measures. Companies nowadays would commonly perform drug and alcohol tests as a precautionary measure. These tests can help improve workplace safety by singling out employees who might endanger their coworkers. Alcohol and drug use can drastically affect our senses, coordination, judgement, behaviour, memory and decrease reaction time. These impairments can drastically affect an employee’s ability to work effectively and safely. Furthermore, impairments like these can affect your ability to operate vehicles and heavy machinery. Moreover, companies would also provide a drug and alcohol screening test for employment to prevent new employees or applicants from endangering their current workforce.

A drug and alcohol screening test for employment is now a strict requirement for companies worldwide. Even a highly qualified applicant can get rejected if they test positive in a drug and alcohol test. Negative test results are now as crucial as applicants’ experience, skillset, and credentials. Employers will always prioritise hiring safe and responsible employees over highly qualified but potentially dangerous applicants. Companies can take full advantage of the testing services and highly reliable workplace devices available to ensure accurate tests. Devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia can help make alcohol tests more efficient.

Drug and Alcohol Screening Test for Employment: Workplace Policy

The law requires companies to follow a set of guidelines when providing a drug and alcohol screening test for employment. Firstly, the employer must ensure that the applicant signs a formal agreement on consent for workplace testing. Only then can an employer legally proceed with testing. If the employer were to hire the applicant, the next step would be to discuss the workplace drug and alcohol policy. Companies must ensure that their employees formally sign the workplace policy. A signed workplace policy allows the employer to test their employees from time to time legally. Moreover, having legal permission to provide tests now and then can help improve workplace safety and reduce workplace hazards. Furthermore, a formal agreement is necessary to ensure that all test results are valid and acquired legally. These test results can help companies when an unsatisfied employee (due to a positive test) acts against the company.


Drug and Alcohol Screening Test for Employment: Other Reasons for Testing

Companies have policies that they should abide by when providing workplace tests. These policies allow tests to be fair for both the employer and employee. For example, company policies state that they must use highly effective and accurate devices when providing tests. Employers can use devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia to test their employees more frequently. Furthermore, companies should also have specific and clear reasons for testing their employees. Aside from a drug and alcohol screening test for employment, companies can also perform:

  • Random testing: An unannounced test and can be at any time. This form of testing can help catch employees trying to hide their usage.
  • Blanket testing: A procedure that tests all the employees in the company.
  • Post-accident/incident testing: A test provided to check if alcohol or drugs were involved in a specific workplace accident. This form of testing can help the company decide the next course of action after an accident.
  • Post-positive testing: A test required for employees returning to work after positive testing. This test can help ensure that the returning employees are fit to work.

Drug and Alcohol Screening Test for Employment: Forms of Testing

A company can use different forms of testing when performing a drug and alcohol screening test for employment. It is up to the company to decide which form of testing would suit them best. However, most testing services would suggest urine and breath tests more commonly. Testing services would typically perform breath tests for alcohol testing. You can also trace alcohol usage in urine tests; however, this form of testing is more common when a company is looking to perform a drug test. Companies can also perform breath alcohol tests on their own with the help of devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyser. Moreover, companies prefer urine and breath tests over other forms of testing because they are highly reliable, easy and quick to perform. The different forms of testing a company can choose from are:

  • Blood tests (the most accurate but also the most invasive and time-consuming drug and alcohol test available)
  • Saliva tests
  • Sweat tests

Testing Services Available

Companies can take full advantage of an on-site drug and alcohol screening test for employment. Testing services nowadays provide companies with an option for on-site testing. On-site testing is when the testing services provide tests within the workplace. This form of testing can help companies maintain productivity even during workplace testing. Employees would no longer need to leave the workplace to get tested. Moreover, companies can also perform on-site alcohol testing on their own with workplace devices. The BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia can allow companies to perform more frequent tests. Having more frequent tests can help deter alcohol use, especially during working hours. Furthermore, having workplace devices can help ensure that all employees are fit to work. For example, an employer may elect to test employees before operating heavy machinery.


Advantages of Workplace Testing

Companies that frequently test their employees report fewer accidents. Having fewer accidents can drastically help companies with their annual costs. Effective accident prevention can help reduce yearly healthcare and accident compensation costs. Furthermore, the company would have fewer expenses when repairing damaged machinery and products. Moreover, fewer accidents can also help improve a company’s productivity. Less disruption in the workplace can drastically help employees perform better. Having a safe and risk-free workplace can also help improve an employee’s job satisfaction. Highly experienced employees are valuable, and it can drastically help the company improve if they stay long-term. Without a doubt, a drug and alcohol screening test for employment makes for a very reasonable investment.

Why Use BACtrack Workplace Breathalysers?

Breath alcohol tests with a BACtrack workplace device are quick, easy, and reliable. BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia feature one-button operations. You can begin a breath alcohol test with just a press of a button. During a breath test, all an employee must do is provide a firm blow into the device. Moreover, it only takes about 10 to 20 seconds for a BACtrack device to warm up its sensors. Once you provide a breath sample, a BACtrack device would take another 10 to 15 seconds to process the results. Having quick testing procedures can help companies offer more frequent tests. Additionally, BACtrack devices also feature highly accurate fuel cell sensors. These are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Companies looking to perform an alcohol screening test for employment can significantly benefit from having a BACtrack breathalyser.