What Does a Drug & Alcohol Test For?

Health and safety practices are essential to keep the workplace safe from workplace hazards. However, prevalent employee drug and alcohol use is problematic for employers and colleagues alike. Additionally, the risk for accidents is more significant when one worker is under the influence of illicit substances. Subsequently, more companies institutionalised drug & alcohol tests to keep the working environment safe and healthy to address safety issues.

Workplace testing is vital for identifying employees who use drugs or alcohol. A drug & alcohol test examines biological specimens to detect the presence of alcohol, drugs, or their metabolites. For example, a laboratory collects blood, urine, or saliva samples to trace prohibited drugs in the system. Likewise, you can take an alcohol breath test through a breathalyser device to determine the intoxication in a person. A breathalyser device like BACtrack analyses the alcohol in the breath sample to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC level could directly indicate your intoxication level and degree of impairment. BACtrack workplace breathalysers use fuel cell sensors, giving highly accurate BAC readings suitable for workplace use. These sensors are also less likely to provide false-positive results.

Who can Benefit from a Drug & Alcohol Test?

A workplace drug & alcohol test is necessary for safety-critical industries with zero-tolerance policies. Mining, aviation, logistics, and construction sectors rely on drug and alcohol tests to manage safety risks. Impairments in the workplace can affect a person’s ability to perform tasks safely and efficiently. For example, a driver transporting goods need to be sober and alert on the road to avoid going into collisions and harming others. Furthermore, an effective drug and alcohol program aims to establish better discipline in and outside the workplace. Even if employees consume alcohol outside working hours, they still need to be fit to work for the next day.

The Workplace

A workplace may also require a drug & alcohol test as part of their application process. Identifying a history of drug or alcohol abuse is vital in maintaining workplace safety. Overall, a stable workforce has several benefits. Consistent drug & alcohol tests lower the absenteeism rate and improve productivity. Additionally, it costs companies less in healthcare, insurance, and accident compensation. Employees would feel good and perform better in a safe and secure working environment. You can quickly check for an employees’ alcohol level anytime using a BACtrack workplace breathalyser as an employer. The BACtrack breathalyser can deliver BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. Similarly, as an employee, you can use a BACtrack personal breathalyser to monitor your BAC level when consuming alcohol. Using a personal breathalyser can help monitor your intake when you report to work the next day.

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