Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure

With increased drug and alcohol usage rates now an issue globally, companies are trying their best to implement an improved drug and alcohol policy and procedure. This could be done by having more frequent and reliable alcohol and drug testing in the workplace. Substance and alcohol abuse can directly affect one’s abilities to perform at work. It is mainly due to its effects on an individual’s behavior, attitude, memory, and awareness; which makes an individual under the influence a burden to most companies as it affects the employee’s workload and work quality output.  

Company policies regarding drug testing can vary; but it should be clear to all their employees when and how they’d test them. Most companies have a drug and alcohol policy and procedure stating when employees are to be tested. Some common grounds for testing would be pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and most commonly periodic or random testing. With the aid of mobile testing units and BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, most companies can perform frequent and reliable testing to help maintain the safety and productivity of their workforce. Other policies would state what would happen to the employees if they were to test positive. This would typically result in either termination or a “second chance” that gives the employee time to get help and sober up.  

Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedure Testing

Procedures that allow companies for more frequent testing are urine sampling and breath-taking sampling. These can easily be done and processed with the help of mobile testing units and BACtrack workplace breathalyzers. Despite being more accurate, blood samples are seldomly taken because of the need to be processed by a registered laboratory, which in most cases are time-consuming and costly. Urine samples can be used to detect marijuana, cocaine, steroids, opioid (heroin), and barbiturate usage, which is reliable enough to help maintain a safer workplace.

The BACtrack workplace breathalyzer can detect alcohol consumption from 15 mins up to 24 hours ago for alcohol use. A simple puff into the sterile tube of the machine can quickly take the blood alcohol content (BAC) of an employee with the results ready within a few seconds. Having more accurate and reliable results available, an effective drug and alcohol policy and procedure are now easier to maintain.  

An effective drug and alcohol policy and procedure would prove beneficial for any company that implements them. Despite having extra costs, its effects on an employee’s safety, productivity, and health make up for it. 


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