Why Safe Drug Testing is as Valuable as Alcohol Testing

With the prevalence of drug and alcohol usage, companies try to implement strict and effective policies. Some of the drug and alcohol policies within the companies include pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, and drug testing when suspected of being under the influence at work. Business owners and companies alike try their best to prevent their employees from showing up when under the influence as it could drastically affect the safety and productivity of any workplace. More frequent alcohol and drug tests are now being done. Accurate and reliable alcohol testing could be easily done with the help of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. Safe drug testing can be done by taking urine samples.  

Blood samples are not commonly taken despite being the most accurate type of sampling; this is probably because of how invasive a blood sampling test could be. These tests must be performed by a trained phlebotomist as well as be processed in a certified lab. Blood sampling is not usually done because there are plenty of other safe drug testing methods available. Other than urine, a company may also choose to use hair follicles, perspiration (sweat), and saliva-based drug tests; which are far less invasive when compared to blood sampling.  

Safe Drug Testing

Given that drug abuse can prove to be more lethal as well as more disruptive when compared to alcohol use, a safe drug testing method should be applied as frequently as alcohol testing. With the availability of mobile testing units nowadays, more frequent and reliable drug tests may now be performed, almost as regular as alcohol testing. The BACtrack workplace breathalyzer proves to be of great use to companies that aim to maintain the soberness of their employees while at work and could easily be used throughout the day or the week to check up on their workers constantly. Having a wholly sober workplace ensures the company that its workers are both productive and safe at the same time.  

Issues with drug abuse may easily affect an individual’s performance and safety at work. This is probably because of the impairments one might present when under the influence. Some impairments include impacted judgment, coordination, and motor function, all of which would prove to disrupt their work and the work of others indefinitely. Ensuring a safe drug testing method as frequent as alcohol BACtrack workplace breathalyzer testing will most probably prove beneficial for any company, despite the costs, as it can easily prevent or neuter any chances of substance abuse. 


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