Reasons for Business Drug Testing and Random Alcohol Testing

Securing the safety of employees and the company’s integrity are some of the main priorities of business owners and managers alike. Strict rules and policies exist to help maintain safety within the workplace. These policies include mandatory emergency fire and earthquake drills, security for the offices, drug and alcohol testing. Business drug testing, as well as alcohol testing, has now become more prevalent for companies to perform due to the availability of mobile testing units and BACtrack workplace breathalyzers 

Due to the issue of drug and alcohol availability nowadays, businesses fear the effect it may have on their employees. Substance abuse is proven to have a direct impact on an individual’s behavior and awareness. Behavior under the influence could significantly be different in a workplace and could be disruptive for other coworkers, most likely influencing an office’s efficiency; this alone is one good reason why business drug testing and alcohol testing are performed. Instead of having suspicions, accurately confirming substance abusers would prove a more proficient move for any company. Thus, having machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers would prove to be an excellent investment.  

Business Drug and Alcohol Testing

Awareness deficits are also another issue when talking about substance abuse. As we all know, drugs and alcohol directly affect an individual’s awareness, slowing down all senses and thoughts one might have. This effect would significantly affect specific workplaces more than others. Take a construction company, for example, and how one worker under the influence holding a hazardous tool could endanger everyone else on the construction site. This could be easily avoided with scheduled business alcohol and drug testing before starting work. More frequent testing could be provided with the help of a certified breath alcohol technician and a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer. 

Reducing health and accident risks for any company would prove to have a more significant profit margin in the long run. Investing a little extra for business drug testing and random alcohol testing would prove to have more advantages than disadvantages. Businesses may also be able to help prevent bad habits from their employees from ever developing; decreasing, and possibly preventing drug and alcohol usage before, during, and after work. Investing in a certified breath alcohol technician and a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer would prove to be an invaluable investment for any business. Be it construction or even accountancy, substance abuse will indeed affect any individual’s ability to perform.


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