Reasons to Buy a Breathalyzer Today

Breath-testing equipment, also known as breathalyzers, was once costly for a typical customer. But recently, personal breathalyzers have grown smaller, lighter, economical, more accurate and readily available in stores and on line. Because of these advantages, more people can buy a breathalyzer without any hassle. You can also now purchase a BACtrack breathalyzer from Breathalysers Australia to quickly determine how much Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is in your bloodstream before driving. With BACtrack, you can get a reliable and cost-effective way to make smart drinking decisions.

Commercial breathalyzers have been on the market for quite a few years now. Using fuel cell technology, it is now feasible to buy a breathalyzer with the same precision as those used by law enforcement officers. Fuel Cells are accurate, reliable, and quick to respond to various alcohol breath percentages.

How much is too much to buy a breathalyzer?

When you think about it, most people believe that it is okay to drive even if you only consumed one beer. Nevertheless, this assertion is incorrect. Many things influence a person’s ability in regards to their BAC level and intoxication. Such factors as weight, age, and how much a person drinks, are factors contributing to how intoxicated a person can be. Simply said, just because your elder brother can take five beers in an hour and not get intoxicated doesn’t imply you can do the same. Everyone is distinct and reacts to alcohol differently. That is why you need to buy a breathalyzer to monitor your own personal BAC levels.

Investing in a Breathalyzer Is a Good Idea

If you find yourself frequently asking “how else would you know if you are sober enough to drive?” Best to buy a breathalyzer that can assist you in monitoring your BAC levels. So that you’ll know if you are sober enough to drive safely. Statistics are factual, and you’ll know for sure if you perform a breathalyzer test. 

Did you know that a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge can result in an array of penalties? A minimum fine of $1100 is imposed, a license suspension of at least 12 months is induced for a first offense, with a minimum three-year suspension if you have previously been charged with alcohol or drug driving. It is also possible that you will be imprisoned. And lastly, you will get six demerit points. However, this isn’t the only fee you’ll have to pay and you may also be responsible for a number of other penalties and costs. “Is it really worth it?” you must ask yourself. Even better, can you afford it? This is another incentive to buy a breathalyzer. 


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