Reasons to Buy a Breathalyzer Today

Many social activities in Australia involve alcohol consumption, which is also common worldwide. It is an intrinsic part of modern culture. However, excessive alcohol consumption can create many health and social problems. One of the main adverse side effects of alcohol overconsumption is alcohol-impaired driving. Many people drive after consuming alcohol without knowing their exact alcohol level. As a result, road accidents or casualties are more likely to happen. Therefore, regardless of your alcohol consumption behaviour, it is highly recommended to buy a breathalyzer nowadays for personal use.

We can never truly predict when an unfortunate incident will happen. Relying only on guess estimates is not effective. Fortunately, nowadays, you can buy a breathalyzer to monitor your alcohol level accurately and prevent overconsumption. A breathalyzer is a portable device that can determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) through breath samples. Devices like BACtrack personal breathalyzers use fuel cell sensors to measure the BAC level accurately. The fuel cell sensors react with ethanol and produce small electrical currents. The electrical currents generated can estimate the BAC in proportion to the amount of alcohol in the blood. As a result, fuel cell breathalyzers are more accurate and less likely to provide false-positive results. These are also the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyzers.

Buy a Breathalyzer: BACtrack Devices

Alcohol affects each person differently. Some people already feel inebriated in one glass, while others could take more. BAC is dependent on individual factors such as weight, age, gender, body fat distribution, and metabolism rate. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the effects of alcohol on their bodies and risk driving intoxicated. Knowing your exact intoxication level could be difficult with all these extra factors. Buy a breathalyzer and use it to check for your actual BAC, rather than just guessing. Checking with a BACtrack personal breathalyzer could also help prevent trouble with the law. Constantly checking for your BAC could inform you if you are nearing or over the legal driving limit (0.05% BAC in Australia). Breathalyzers could help you avoid hefty fines, driving suspensions, alcohol interlock programs and vehicle confiscation.

Since breathalyzers are valuable devices, buying one is a reasonable investment. Breathalyzers are small, quick, and easy to use. BACtrack breathalyzer only takes 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. You can check your BAC level immediately whenever you need it. With proper care and use, you can use a breathalyzer for a long time. You can buy a breathalyzer at Breathalysers Australia, the country’s leading breathalyzer company. Breathalysers Australia carries a wide selection of BACtrack breathalyzers ideal for personal or workplace use.


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