Reasons For Drug Testing in the Workplace alongside Alcohol Testing

Workplace safety is and always has been one of the main priorities of companies and business owners alike. Procedures and policies are placed to help maintain the safety within the company for their employees. Policies like mandatory fire and earthquake drills, building security, and anti-drug and alcohol rules are widely implemented by companies worldwide. The attitude and behavior of an employee in the workplace can be significantly affected by substance abuse; which is one of the main reasons for drug testing in the workplace and would typically be coupled with alcohol testing. Alcohol testing, being easier to perform, can be accurately done with the help of the BACtrack workplace Breathalyzer. 

Companies try their best to prevent the usage of drugs and alcohol in the workplace because of the impairments one might have when under the influence. Impairments towards judgment, coordination, and motor functions are among the more general issues one might have when being under the influence; which can drastically affect one’s performance and safety within the workplace. Companies place strict drug and alcohol policies to help avoid safety issues for their employees. Take a drilling company, for example, one that operates heavy and dangerous tools. That cannot risk their workers having even the slightest impairments as it can endanger everyone on site. This is one of the main reasons for drug testing in the workplace. 

Employee drug testing in the workplace

An employee with a substance or alcohol abuse problem may also drastically affect the work culture and environment of a workplace. Disruptive behavior and attitude could quickly threaten the company’s productivity, no matter what they specialized in. They could easily disrupt the work of others by having constant absent days and not being productive themselves; which in turn could quickly start hurting the company. Habits such as alcoholism can easily be prevented before, during, and even after working hours with the help of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer; which can provide frequent and accurate testing. Reasons for drug testing in the workplace have more advantages when matched against disadvantages; keeping in mind how routine tests could influence an employee’s actions before, during, and after work. 

Preventing substance abuse and addiction for employees will always be one of the best reasons for drug testing in the workplace. The employee’s experience and years’ worth of training could quickly go down the drain if they were ever to start having such habits. 


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